Afraid to use the leg

I have been on the omnipod for just a little more then a week. I have tried both arms for sites, my stomach area, and my back. I am super afraid of using my leg as a site. I do not have very much fat tissue in this area, when I was on MDI I also didn`t use this area. the last few years on MDI I really only stuck to my stomach, and the last time I did MDI on my leg as a site was 16 years ago. I could really use some encouragement, and advice on using the leg area, Pros/Cons ect.


Do not worry! I’m 6’ tall and 145lbs. Pretty thin. I actually have the pod on my thigh (upper, somewhat outer but still closer to the anterior part) right now. No worries. There is not a lot of fat there but you don’t need a lot! I can take a picture of where if you want. Just lift up the skin a bit when the needle is going to inject. The back/side of your upper arms are awesome as well. These are my favorite (and really only) spots. Good luck!

I love the leg site! Try using the area about 1 inch below your panty line on the front of your leg. There is very little fat in this area but, for me, the absorption is fabulous. Also, I like the fleshy outer thigh. No matter how thin someone is, especially as a female, there always seems to be more fat to use in this area. However, if you are a runner the outer thigh will definitely bounce more when running (as it is in a fatty spot). The great thing about the pod is that it was designed to move and constructed to provide a little give. As for encouragment-I hadn't tried to inject insulin in my thigh in 12 years (on MM before the pod), but it was the first site I picked when I started on the pod. I see it as prime tissue since it hasn't been used in so long. For me, it just drinks up the insulin. Try it!!!

you've already used three sites in a week, if you are leery of it, no big rush, my son only uses his legs during bathing suit season, i'm sure you can guess why! he finds it uncomfortable to run with the pod on his leg and he has had a slightly higher incidence of occlusions there, he is mostly a belly and back of his arms guy. no need to use every single site if you do not feel comfortable. best wishes, i hope your bs's are settling in to pumping, let us know if you have any other questions or issues with your omnipod! amy

Arden uses the tops of her thighs all the time, she weighs 49 pounds and is skinny. Just pinch up when you insert.

Not to derail your post, but with a related the pod comfortable under stiffer fabric pants such as denim while being worn on the thigh?

Yes I am on my 6th Pod aready about to go on to my 7th today. I take a lot of insulin right now so the pod only lasts me about 2 days. which is why I want to try and use as many sites as possible to allow them to heal properly. I can only use one side of my back as I have a tattoo on the other.

Good question.

Not at all :slight_smile: actually it’s almost a better sense of mind for me. I don’t feel like its gonna fall off. But definitely not bad either way. I think it seems odd but once you try it you realize it’s not bad :slight_smile: thigh is my second go to spot behind my arm. My pod usually ends up running in the middle of the outer seam of my jeans and in the same line as my “crotch” area (for lack of a better word). The top of the pod starts in the same plane as where my legs split :wink:

Keep in mind the canula actaully is made to go as deep as "just below the skin", so fat doesn't really matter much. The pinching of your skin as the canula insearts helps it place at just the right location here too.

I use both my calves and my thighs very little fat on either. I actually can not use my abdomen area due to absorption issues.

I just placed a pod on my thigh for the first time ever...thanks for the idea. I have absolutely zero fat there (plenty elsewhere,) and so far so good, "click, click, click, prick" was fine. I am wearing baggy sweats but tomorrow I'll try it with my jeans. Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted.

I think I am going to try it tomorrow morning. I hope all goes well.

Good luck! Let us know o it goes!

Jury is still out for me. The pod was super comfortable all night. Since there is no jiggle there, the pod feels very secure. My #'s were high when I placed it and it took a long time for them to come down. I was very high normal this AM. Of course, often a pod change will generate higher #'s for a while, but this seemed unusual. I upped my basal....I'll see if that helps. How's it working for you m?

I am sorry to say that I once again chickened out. I still have not done my leg.I will swallow my fear for the next POD I promise. I have been sitting at my desk at work trying to pinch my leg to figure out where it is best to put it on the leg. as you can tell this topic has me totally distracted!

well thats motivating for me. I just changed my pod this morning, and put it on my back, so I think on Sunday I will try my leg.
where did you place it elaine?

Well....I have good news, bad news, good news, etc. I placed the pod vertically on my very upper, toward outer, thigh, right below panty line. (You don't want it too high up so you can bend the leg.) My numbers came down and all was well until I bumped it against a door and immediately got the beeeeeeep. I changed it to the other thigh, same place and #'s have been fine but it is occasionally a tad less comfortable, as if I am feeling the cannula against muscle. It has not become inflamed as sometimes happens when a site doesn't feel right. I would use the location again as long as I knew I would be wearing skirts or looser pants(looks like you have something in your pocket,) not sure it would be comfortable with a slim fit. For me the biggest issue might be remembering it is there so as to not bump it or catch it putting clothes on and off. Good luck!

Next time!

So I changed my pod on Sunday to my leg, it didn't hurt which is great, however this is my least favorite place to have the POD, I can really feel the pod wobble when I walk. I will have to see if I can do something about that.
I've knocked it a couple of times as well, but it is still ok, it just hirts when i Knock it lol.

so all in all I will use my leg in the future, I will just grumble about it.