Pod Start this Friday!

We got our orders for omnipod on friday and we will start this friday,

Got some bands, coban, superglue, mineral oil for removal,

our trainer is bringing tegaderm, some adhesive removers, etc…

I am sufficiently petrified about impending pod failures, but I’ve warned Kennedy ( and so did our endo) that failures will just happen and we just need to be ready to get another pod on.

They have recommended three days without much exercise to set basals.

Other pearls for getting through the first couple of days?

We are excited, yet I am bummed, as we just found out kennedy has ALSO Celiac antibodies!! Damn…

Glad to be able to get quick appointment for gi and endoscopy October 11 and 12. Very impressed with Kosair so far. She’ll be first case and NPO after midnight.

Thanks everyone for the support!

Also we will be definitely going to Friends for Life in Orlando Next year. Anyone else going?

Congrats, good luck and just keep asking questions!