Pod use beyond the change pod alert

Does anyone know how long you will continue to receive your basal after the change pod alert? Mine just went off and I forgot to bring a new pod to work with me.

I believe it's 8 hours from the time it expires.

You should be able to use for as long as you have insulin left. It depends on your alarm settings but I think there is an 8 hour window.

8 hours is correct. I think it will beep every hour until it finally expires.

Another 8 hours for a total of 80 hours before shut down. Doesn't matter how much insulin is left or alarms. Time limit is hard wired into the pods.

There are 2 alerts...but I notice my numbers going up sometimes as it gets close to the "change your pod" last alert. I would keep an eye on your BG levels and make use of your back up needles/insulin if necessary. (I always have back up with me after some annoying crisis when I left my PDA at home, or pod failure with no back up...I had to run to RX stores! )

Hi MamaLou! You can also continue to bolus during the remaining 8 hours, if necessary.

holy crap, I had no idea! good info, thanks!

Great info. Thanks y'all!!!

If you use these 8hours every time (07:00, 15:00, 23:00) You save one Pod every month.

Like others have said, it will continue to give you the "change pod" alarm every hour, so have your PDM handy to make it be quiet. There's a lot of beeping that happens during these 'extra hours' as it also alerts you when you try to bolus during that time that it's time to change the pod.

At the end of the 8 hours, it will give you the long, high-pitched squeal of doom and won't stop until you use the PDM to deactivate the pod. I sometimes even get another few hours out of the system by giving myself a bolus of maybe 1 unit (assuming I have insulin left in the pod), then deactivating the pod. That way I don't need to put on a new pod for another few hours because I in essence just gave myself some basal insulin before deactivating and removing the pod.

Thanks for all the great tips!