Omnipod timing

I’ve had good luck with Omnipod timing --I can usually time it out so it doesn’t expire at a bad time. But last night, the alarm went off in the middle of the night. So, now I’m stuck with pump changes in the middle of the night instead of my regular 9-bedtime hours. Any way around this?

Just change it a little bit earlier, like at 7 or whenever you want on the day it does expire and it’ll stay that way but an alarm will go off in a couple hours reminding you to check you bg (it always does haha) so that might also be annoying. Hope this helped! :relaxed:

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

The OmniPod works for 3 days plus 8 hours. It is just annoying that it alarms once per hour during the last 8 hours. If you can tolerate the alarms then you can push the pod change to the next morning. I would change the pod in the morning after 2 days and make good use of the insulin by eating pizza.

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As much as I loved my OmniPod all the alarms etc drove me (and my wife) nuts. Can’t you just end your next Pod early to get back on the proper timing?

End it early, like other users said, or push yourself to wait out the extra 8 hours, or at least until morning. If you disable as many alerts as you can, the beeping isn’t too excessive. The beeping gets worse the closer it gets to the full 8 hours, I think. I’ve invested in a 300pair box of earplugs from amazon. It was around $25, but worth its weigh in gold when it comes to the Pod. I’m able to sleep through most of the beeps. I count count the number of times I actually waited out the full 8 and was awoken by the evil never-ending beep. That one i CANT sleep through no matter how great my earplugs are :slight_smile:

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