Expired pod question

Hello Everyone,

I've been on the Pod for about 45 day now, and was curious how long a Pod will keep working after it's "expired". I had one expire at work and didn't have one to replace at work(still getting use to the routine) still had enough insulin but my 3 day were up. I got the beep every hour telling me to change the Pod but I had to wait until I got home.
About 20min after I got home I got the "beep of DOOOM"(as my son calls it) The pdm disconnected itself from the pod and said replace now!!!.

Is there an official time that the pod will continue to run? I'm not planning to let my pods expire like that again, just like to know the limits.
Yes, I have to know these things, I'm an Electrical Engineer :)


80 hours (i.e 72 hours + 8 hour grace period) is apparently the ultimate limit before it shuts itself down.

(From another electrical engineer :-) )

It will go for about 8 hours before it quits completely. I've never let it go til the absolute end but have gotten around 8 hours out of it. Or it will quite when it runs out of insulin but It should give you a warning when it gets low, never had that happen either.

Like others have said, it will start warning at 72 hours (that's it's "expiration") but will continue to 80 hours, and then fails permanently.

It goes for 8 hours after expiration and alerts you every hour.

8 hrs...I usually try to run mine out of insulin... which ever comes first. As both the pod and insulin are not cheap, I want to get all of my money's worth from each. I check my total insulin use over the past 3 days and add just a little more.