Pods falling off

OK, now I have a new problem. I am putting on my 3rd pod in 24 hours now because I knocked one off and the other one fell off. Any suggestions on how to keep them on? I can't afford to go through pods like this.

Benny, have you called Insulet about the pod that fell off? Maybe they will replace it. I wear my pods on my upper arms and have banged my arm into doorways but have never knocked one off. I would ask them what they suggest.
As far as getting them to stick, I don't have a problem with sticking anymore, but when I did in the past I would use Skin Tac liquid adhesive to give the tape extra stickiness.

Never had a problem with them falling off or not sticking. I wear mine on the back of my arms. I however have learned a lesson. Never put on lotion after the shower, then the pod...it'll never stick! Make sure you don't put on any lotion at all prior to applying a pod.

The back of my arm is where I had the problem. It seems like my arms are always bumping into something and knocking it off. Thanks for the info.

Hi Benny, I just started on OmniPod about a week ago so I'm only on my 3rd pod. So far, I find the pods stick so well that I have to pry them off! I also use Dexcom and I find the Dexcom adhesive starts peeling back much quicker than the OmniPod adhesive.

I found my problem was only when I had the pod on my upper arm. I thought that would be a good place for me, but when I'm reaching into the refrigerator or getting into or out of a car, I am always bumping my shoulder/upper arm area and knocking the pod lose off completely. I am too hairy to put them on my belly and since my belly is quite large, I put them on my side, like I did the MiniMed and it works fine.

After having the pod for 1 week, I love it. My endo did not push me toward any particular pump but my pump was 6 years old and when I mentioned the OmniPod, she said it was a very good pump but for me to consider the ongoing cost. I have already met my $2500 copay with my insurance, so all my supplies including the PDM and initial supply of pods cost me $0. I won't have to pay anything until January.

I love the pods too. I only wish I had done this several years ago! My endo didn't push me toward any certain pump either. For years, he's just mentioned it as an option and given me the websites to read.

I haven't tried the pods on my arms yet but I want to. My favorite place to wear my Dexcom is on my arms.

I'm lucky that I only had to pay $190 for the PDM and the pods are covered at no out of pocket cost to me. I just found out this morning that my test strips are going to be covered at no out of pocket cost either so I'm really grateful for that. I worry about being able to retire one day though...how do people do it on retirement?

Have you tried putting it on the back of your upper arm? Just above the tricep area facing away from you. It's out of the way and I've never bumped into anything to knock it off. If you put it on the side of your upper arm near the shoulder, then yes, you will knock it or rip it off.

Yes, I did have them on the back of my arm. Not sure why I keep knocking them off, but I did.