Poem- "See" Diabetes Blog Week. Telling Type 1 Diabetes Who's Boss


you look at us and you don't see
maybe you look at us and you see
but do you really see or even believe
do you really know what goes on below the layers
under our thick skin
in our bodies
in our minds
while the chaos is underway
you don’t see
you can’t see

could you think
before you speak
ask a question
before you judge
listen to us
so you can hear
about what you don’t see
about what you don’t know

look into our eyes
and you'll see
listen to our voices
and you'll hear
watch us when we shake
take a moment because
you don’t easily see

Just because you can't see it
doesn't mean there isn't something
we all have a story you see
some past that taught our lessons
some present that influences our focus
some future that guides us forward
our story is important you and me
lead by example
so that others can see

stop the bullying
stop the bullying
that is behind closed doors
that remains on a screen
Stop the teasing
Stop the isolation
Stop the control
Stop saying there is no bias
Stop the discrimination
Stop the violence
Stop ignoring
Stop thinking you know it all
Stop instantly believing
Take the moment
To critically think
Stop the hate
Stop the words
That can be powerful
Stop all that prevents you from seeing

take a moment and you'll see
we're not so different, you and me.
Listen to our stories and our views
For that is the only way to grow

Step back
So you can finally see
Because we don’t want to say that
You don’t see.