Poll Results: How many units of insulin do you get per day?

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I take 14 Units of Novolog & 20 Units of Levemir
4 Units of Novolog before breakfast
5 Units of Novolog before lunch
5 Units of Novolog before dinner
1 Unit of correction for every 40 over 120
20 Units of Levemir before bed
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Cool. I was just looking at this yesterday. I average about 38units a day. 22units of it is basal.

I take 24 units of lantis and then i take about 41/2 for breakfast ,4 for lunch, 7 for supper. I still take shots ,I seem to be one of the few that dont want a pump. Does anyone else feel like me.

15 units of Levemir between 10 and 11pm
4 to 6 units of Novolog before breakfast, lunch and dinner ( min 12 max 16)

It depends on the time of the month and it depends on how much/what I eat. It can varie between 25 adn 35 units per day.

I have 3 basal patterns
Regular pattern: 18 units
Pattern A: 16 units
Pattern B: 21 units

My daily average is between 30-38units

Glad you posed this question. I always wondered how much people took.

Lantus 4 units at bedtime, 3 units in the morning
Breakfast 1.5-2.0 units (depending on AM BG)
Lunch 2-2.5 units
Dinner 4.5 units
1 unit correction for every 30 over 120.

Total: 16

Was taking a lower meal bolus, but am trying to gain weight by eating more protein. Noticing I don’t take much compared to some others, but I’m a small person.

Tyler, I don’t mind injections & don’t want a pump either.

Doctor raised my insulin up from 20 to 26 daily. So far a little better and hardly any pain the legs to as well. Patti

I did at first. And still do sometimes. I feel just like you. because all i was used to think was schedule schedule you know because thats all i knew but with a pump you can eat when aver you want and you you dont have to take shots eny more and all you have to do press a button love chloe hope i helped

I take 34 Units of Lantus in the am and adjust novolog with each meal/snack. Usually 6-8 units per meal.

I have 20 units of Lantus per day.

I run about 35 to 38 on average for daily total.


I average about 47 units a day! I get hungry, what can I say!!! :slight_smile:

According to my insulin pump:
My average for the past 31 days is 29.32U.
10.76 Basal / per day
18.55 Bolus / per day
All Apidra (for now).
Age 31. Height 5’10". Weight 160lbs.

If I’m sticking to my “moderate/wisechoice” eating plan, I use 18 to cover basal needs and a total of about 16-20 to cover food.

I might be the lowest one here, I take 2 or 3 units of basal every morning, one unit of bolus with every meal. 5-6 units altogether.

I use about 23-25 units a day, including basal

I have type 1 DM, female, age 51, height 6’0’’, weight 137# and I use a pump. I have three basal rates:
Standard- 7.1 units/day
Pattern A-4.85 units/day and
Pattern B-8.95 units/day.
I am very sensitive to carbs and eat a vegan diet so get lots of them so only 30% of my average daily total comes from my basal rate. Average for the past 30 days has been 22.3 units per day.