TRICKS to Keep Insets stuck on!

How can he keep his insets from coming un stuck during swimming?? we have tried IV300 with IV prep and after a while it still comes out! he is on the swim team and is in the water for a long time everyday. you have any ideas besides duct tape??lol

Using Skin tak can help, and I’ve heard some people get good results from using liquid bandaids. Hope this helps

My DH has trouble with this as well - he uses the Tegaderm HP (it is much stronger-stickier) I could send you some samples if you are interested. He places the tegaderm on his skin cutting a small hole where the needle/cannula will poke thru. Then places the Omni Pod on top of that (DH uses Pod, DD uses Ping), It should work the same for the infusion sites. For willow if her sets seem to come off after swimming and she is on swim team too - I place the tegaderm hp on top of her site. No problems - IV3000 comes off and so does the regular tegaderm. Underneath we use IV prep bc dd is sensitive to the skintac.

pm or email me if you would like samples of the tegaderm hp. I have tons. . .

Thank you so much for your reply and I would Love to try tegaderm if you dont mind. You are so sweet for offering to send me some samples!


I swim three times a week in the pool and Skin-Tac wipes work great for me. If you are very active you might want to think about trying an Inset 30 infusion set also as it is a 13mm cannula that sits down in the tissue a little better than a 6mm or 9mm straight inset.If your insulin absorption is poor it may be due to the infusion set you are using. If it’s just adhesive the Skin-Tac should help a good deal.

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Hi Vicki - I should have been more thorough in my search I just posted about this topic… I use the animas ping.

I’m wondering if you can clarify something for me have you found the IV3000 does work well?

or do you do the IV3000, infusion, then the tegaderm hp on top of that? so essentially 3 layers?


I use to do tiathalons and marathon swims. I had a similar experience with the adhesive releasing from my skin. I used a prep solution when i attached the new set. One or one and a half days later, I would apply adhesive patch over the set. The patch was rectangular. I cut a hole in the center of the patch to accomodate removing and connecting my set to the pump. I got the idea from trying one of Dad’s patches that he has for his colonoscopy. Keep swimming.