Poor Soup

This is what my sister and I call soup made from the carcase of a roast chicken or turkey.

1 Chicken or turkey frame (from a roast bird, or bought from supermarket, or sometimes I use chicken wings or drumsticks when on special in supermarket)

Cover with water in big saucepan.

Add chopped vegetables, onion, carrot, celery sticks, parsnip, swede, pumpkin, sweet potato. Add frozen peas or some other green vegetable that you may have on hand towards end of cooking.

Add handful of pearl barley at beginning of cooking.

Add seasoning to taste.

Simmer for about an hour. If you have used chicken pieces strip the meat from the bones and dice neatly. Otherwise, strain bones from soup, and serve. I often make this in the slow cooker,or sometimes I strain off all vegetables and bones and use it as chicken stock.

Sounds good! I am an avid soup maker - we serve soup every week at the church for people in the community to come and have a bowl of soup and a roll, a cake and a cup of tea or coffee - all for free! I am a Latvian and Latvians eat a lot of soup but always glad for a new recipe!

Sunny, this Russian Cabbage soup sounds good, another hearty thrifty soup!