Attention Men - What do you use when you are out to carry all your supplies/CGM/Pump

For now I have just been using my pockets and wearing cargo shorts but it is getting annoying. If I go somewhere like a mall or a casino or something I use a small backpack but that is annoying. Any ideas. So far I just use my pockets for CGM, PDM for omnipod, sugar tablets, test strips and lancing device.

I’m not a man, but check out Love mine, I wear it all the time!

Hey Rich,

It’s a problem. In the winter time, I often just stuff the things into my jacket pockets. That doesn’t work out too well in the summer.

I keep the pump attached to my belt with a clip to open up one pocket, and the CGM in a back pocket. That leaves the wallet, cell phone, keys, test strips, lancing device, and meter to spread amongst the remaining three pockets. My current paradigm is wallet alone in a back pocket, cell phone and lancing device in a front pocket, and everything else in the last remaining front pocket.

In other words, if you come up with a better system, please let me know.

That’s kinda funny. The only pants I buy are either cargo’s or carpenters, solely for the fact that I can find pockets for all of my stuff. Can’t wait for the Animas/Dexcom thing to finalize so I can free up at least one pocket!

Hey Rich,
This is a problem. With jeans I usually put the dexcom in it’s zipper pouch deal and put it on my belt. I however don’t carry the PDM around all the time. If I do just stick it in a pocket. I NEVER carry around test strips and lancing device. That’s what the CGM is for. (unless your going to be eating of course) If i have to carry all that I just leave it all in the Omnipod case and carry that thing around by hand. Like you say if you have cargo pants or shorts then i just load em down. But I usually leave the PDM and testing supplies in the car. Because with phone, keys, wallet it gets too crazy. I know you can’t always leave it behind but most of the time you can I believe. But on trips or traveling a small backpack usally works great like you say. but I never find a reason to haul all the stuff around just going some place. Guess I didn’t help much.

Lol, yep man bag or ridiculously over full pockets are the only two solutions I’ve worked out, neither of which is particularly satisfactory!

Hanging out for someone to come along with a better solution…

yeah it’s not easy. winter is fine since you can put them in a jacket. I’m wearing cargo shorts with many pockets,.

My son uses a Spibelt. They stretch enough to accomodate his phone, insulin pen, a few needles, meter, glucose tabs & lancing device with room to spare. It’s a bit bulky, but it’s really not that visible under an untucked t-shirt and keeps everything he might need handy.

I can get my UltraMini into my pockets and I got these little bags @ Hobby Lobby (I know, - 10 man points…) and stash jelly beans in them. I also have a messanger bag I got @ a street fair in NYC that is pretty stylin’ and will hold a 6 pack for bike excursions…heh heh heh…

I couldn’t find that site, but I saw

Ooops… I meant, thanks Baby Tee.

Cargo pants or shorts the pockets do tend to get quite full and bothersome at times I’m going to check out tallygear and Spibelt to see if either one would work for me.

I do not have a CGM (by choice) but do wear the Omnipod which has some storage stuff.

OK, here are my setups:

Spring, Fall & Winter: ScottEVest.

Summer: Cargo Shorts or Pants, depending on play or work.

All the time I sometimes use my computer backpack. And I would like to try out the SPIbelt but don’t know if it is large enough or not.

I let my wife tag along wherever I go. She carries a large handbag/purse.

When going it along, I have a man purse, or I use the large pockets of my laptop case.

Pump always clipped on top edge of my pants/shorts.

Week days in my office and/or work vehicle I keep a man bag which includes my test kit, crash support, glasses, and other essentials; I keep it close.

I carry my test kit with crash support while shopping, and on outings I take it all, just like the infusion set leash…it’s always with us.

Another Scott eVest fan;) Wouldn’t be without mine!

The SPIbelt might do it, I prefer my tallygear belt. Comes with 3 or 4 pockets depending on the size.

In my pants pockets.

Pump - Right front pocket.
CGM and Hard Candy-Left front pocket.
Wallet-Right back pocket.
Meter-Left back pocket.

Hey. There are four things that I use depending on the situation. The first is just stick everything in ziplock bags. I put them in there so that I can transfer things easy and if the bag gets wet nothing is lost. Primarily I toss them in a track bag (also called a drawstring bag). It’s light, comfortable and easy to find stuff in.

If I’m going on an overnight or longer trip I use a National Guard backpack. There are enough pockets in this thing that I can carry all my extra pump supplies, extra testing supplies, glucagon and epipen in easy to reach places. Also has a laptop holder. If you don’t want to walk around in camo the Northface Surge is another great option.

Third, we have a baby so I use the slung over the shoulder diaper bag and just toss my ziplock bags in there next to the diapers.

Fourth, like everyone else, cargo pants and cargo shorts. The best cargo pants I have found that still look dressy enough to wear to work are the 5.11 Tactical Pants. There are 2 styles. A heavy dressier cotton that comes in multiple colors and a very light weight with rip stop material. Both look really nice and are very functional.

SuFu, PhD

It’s called a Man-Purse. hehehe.
I have an army looking shoulder pouch that works pretty well. Make sure during the summer that you include a temperature managing device of some kind to keep it cool.

Good question here and great posts! I also tend to carry the “Man-Purse” around. But, in reality it is really a black camera bag with a shoulder strap. It is not a big case at all. But, it is large enough to cram in my One Touch UntraLink, spare strips, glucose tabs (a few of the 10 pack cases), and granola bars in a small accessory zipper compartment. I grab this bag and throw it into my car or take it with me wherever I go.

At times when I do go out for brief walks etc I use a smaller BG tester with a belt clip and just carry glucose/bars in my pockets.

BTW, I also keep my Medtronic pump supplies in a bit larger sport/travel bag with shoulder strap (11" H x 8" W x 5" D). These are the bags you see around REI or other sporting and outdoor stores.

I keep my IV preps and Alcohol pads in a soap dish container. It fits into an internal pocket. All the other pump supplies I slip into other comparments (ie: spare batteries, Quick Sets, etc). I even carry spare syringes in case of a pump issue. I carry this bag with me when I feel that my pump may need changing if I am out away from home (medium to short duration trips). I havent seen the tallygear before. Looks interesting too. -Ken