Possibly Paresthesia

For several months now I have had paresthesia in my head. I started experiencing dizziness on occasions. I made a appointment for a doctor. But I was wondering if you guys had any ideas? I have had type 2 diabetes for years now. I also wonder if it had something to do with that event that I had when I was bowling. What happened was When I was getting ready to bowl. Something happened. I had difficulty walking up to the lane I seemed confused for some reason. This happened before I head to the beach in August. Ever since that incident things have not been right since. Now this My blood sugar usually stays within 80-105. my a1c level is 6.3 but working on to lower even more. My weight is high like 285 doing the best I can to lose weight. 4 years I did lose 70 lbs but gained it back. I do the treadmill and trying to find a weight machine. At one point my a1c level was 5.3 but fell off the wagon

When you say in your head, is it tingling on your head or where? Or is it dizziness alone? Or both tingling burning in head or extremities and dizziness???

Tingling on top of my head like something is crawling on my head but it’s not and the dizziness alone. No paresthesia in the extremities.

I would assume you have been to the doctor? If not it needs to be checked. That is of course the most important first step.

I get tingling in my one arm when my neck needs adjusting, I guess I get a pinched nerve. I know a friend that her arm goes numb when she needs an adjustment in her neck.

Bowling made me think of that because you are throwing a heavy ball and can step weird. I know my chiro used to yell at me and say you need to make sure you walk a certain way when bowling and not twist. That is impossible bowling like the way she wanted me to walk, she wasn’t a bowler.

There is a huge difference with chiro’s though, if you go that route make sure you find a good one. I also use acupuncture.

This has just recently happened. I’m going to the doctor on Monday and find out what is going on. Thank you for sharing.

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Long time T2 well controlled, but many times, i have had things, happen.
May or may not be because of T2
I find i have more issues when I am over controlling my BG, Not really low BG. But not eating enough to keep things stable.

what was your worst experience?

I would suggest a full neuro work up.seeing a specialist is what you need. May have nothing to do with your type 2. Best of luck. Nancy50

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Are you testing bg both before and after meals? 6.3 A1C would not align with 80-105 average. 6.3 would mean average BG of 135, so likely having higher BG after meals. So you may be hitting 150-180+ after meals.

Try some after meal BG testing to check for meals/foods that are causing higher after meal BGs and consider changes to food, activity or meds.

I’m sorry my blood sugar has been checked after 3 months when I go to the doctor all the times it has been checked.i had the drive to lose the weight. I want that fire Back now

Your symptoms don’t exactly match mine. But if I got up from a sitting position to go bowl and kinda sorta got dizzy and fuzzed out, it would be postural hypotension.

It can happen to all kinds of people but especially if you are taking blood pressure medication it can become more noticeable.

Also, one of the less well known symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can involve odd numbness/tingling on the face. For me it is my lips and cheeks but similar symptoms can happen elsewhere.

I went to the doctor and she said it’s paresthesia. She wanted me to see how often it happens. She did a blood test on my diabetes follow up. The a1c level was 5.8. I lost 5 pounds.

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When I was young before my diagnosis with type 1, I had weird symptoms but never saw a doc til I was really sick.

I was playing volleyball on my college team and my legs would go wonky, I could stand but I couldn’t properly control them and I would struggle to walk right. Somehow I knew I needed to eat so I would drink a Coke or eat and would feel better. I would also get confused.

This never happened after diagnosis even when I have been super low, like in the 40’s.
It only happened back before diagnosis probably I was honeymooning. Hard to say because I wasn’t checking my sugars at that time.
Only looking back, I was like ohhh yeaaaa now that makes sense.