Post Diabetes Stress Disorder

I’ve had a sore throat and various other blah symptoms for the past few weeks, so I finally decided it was time to go the doctor. A quick strep test was negative, so she thinks I might have mono. She prints the lab slip and I walk down the hall to the lab. At this point, this is feeling like a a repeat of 2 years ago. When I get to the lab, the same phlebotomist that took my blood when my doc found glucose in my urine, is the one working.
Now I’m waiting for the results. I’ve not been this nervous about results from a doctor since D-Day. Its like a post diabetes stress disorder, this nervousness about something probably routine. Two years ago, I was ‘fine’ and walked out of that office with diabetes. Now I’m having serious flashbacks to that day. Due to the internet, I’m nervous about it not being mono. I hate that this disease has turned me into a hypocondriac.

I think it’s very real. My Doctor told me I show signs of post traumatic stress disorder. She said people suffer from PTSD all the time when getting a devastating diagnosis.
I hope it’s something very routine. Try not to stress out, you know it’s not good for the D.