Post meal blood sugar

I checked my blood sugar 3 hours after i ate lunch today, and it was at 212. so I understand that I made a miscalculation there, and i made the appropriate correction, but then i checked it again 3 hours later ( so a total of 6 hours after i ate, and I didn’t eat anything after that lunch) and it was higher, at 240. Im just trying to understand how this could have happened since the food i eat shouldn’t increase my blood sugar 6 hours after eating it, right? im not sick or anything and i looked at the resevoir and didnt see any bubbles. i’m using the medtronic minimed pump. Is it possible that something is wrong with my pump or the insulin? has anyone else had this problem, and how did you solve it? Thanks alot

It could be that your site is in an area with poor absorption.

Is it possible that you SERIOUSLY miscalculated? I’ve had pasta or high-fat meals that have peaked my BG as far as 4 hours after the meal. Then, if it’s not corrected at 4 hours, it’d still be high at 6 hours.

Can I ask what you had for lunch?
Or maybe you need to increase your basal during that time period- has it happened again since that one time?

If numbers that high are unusual for you, then I always think the site has some problem. Sometimes when I take it out I can see what was wrong (bent cannula, blood at the site, cannula out of the skin, etc.) Sometimes I can’t. But then after changing it, everything is fine. If you continue going up, I would suggest correcting with a pen or syringe and then changing the site.
Yes, I agree with Marps, that if it is a pattern than you need to look at your basals for that time period. 3 and 6 hours after meal doesn’t sound directly related to food unless you ate something both very high carb and very high fat like pizza.

I’ve eaten out before (fondue) and that has still been messing with my bg more than 12 hours later.

What did you eat?

How old is the site? It’s not unusual for me to have poor absorption by day 2 or 3 even on a site that starts out well. I used to be able to get 4 days out of a site but not anymore. If it’s a new site then maybe it’s just a bad site. It could also be the specific type of food you had at lunch. LOL, unfortunately there’s just too many things that can go wrong in our world…

it was a meal high in carbs and fat. mozzarella sticks for appetizer, and then a good size bowl of pasta with bread on the side for main meal. Since this is the case, should i have increased my basal for 3-4 hours after the meal? The site was 2 days old. I think its the site too because i dont have too much fat around my abdominal area so i dont have too many options as to where i can put it. whats the best way to rotate the site to make sure there is always good absorption? thanks

Basal won’t really help you with that meal. For that many carbs and fat, you might want to consider an extended or combo bolus (some now and some later to cover the slow rise in blood sugar). For me, my usual I:C ratio just doesn’t cut it for that many carbs combined with fat. I would end up taking too much or too little. For me it’s just not worth it.