Post Questions for Weekly Video Podcast Here

Starting this week, I started addressing a diabetes-related question (one per week) in our weekly video podcast:

Post questions you want to see answered in the podcast here. We’ll do our best to address them all, but time will limit things, unfortunately.

Does this mean there are no questions for this weekend’s podcast? :slight_smile:

Using the Gay Pride Flag as an example, would you want to see a symbol developed so that it could be placed discretely on diabetic-friendly restaurants & eateries? Maybe not just diabetic-friendly restaurants but places that have the complete and unabridged nutritional information of their cuisine readily available.

That is an INCREDIBLE idea, Tim!!!

I second mannys comment. That is an excellent idea. Be it a flag, sticker, window decal. Anything to promote Diabetic friendly establishments would be greatly welcome. Great idea Tim

Ok Manny, here is a question for you:

I am, what some may call, a Tattoo freak. Whenever I go to get a tattoo, you always have to deal with the legal paperwork stuff. One question that is always asked is the following:

Do you have any of the following (mark all that apply):

and diabetes is always listed. I know that many Diabetics tend to heal at a slower rate than those who do not have Diabetes (I am not one of those people. I heal quicker than almost anyone I know) but why should this be asked? It is not a disease that you can contract. I have always been a little puzzled why this is listed.

I have never marked this for fear that they may say, “I;m sorry but we can’t Tattoo you because you are Diabetic.”

Thanks again Manny

Take care and stay in control

Chris Bishop