Now my son

As you count down to begin 14,000 people testing and reporting their BG numbers…I share with you that my son has now been dx with type 1 so now I am a diabetes dad x 2—so I thank you for all that you do and Tu Diabetes is----- keep on keeping on.
Best regards–

I’m so sorry Tom. You must be feeling very emotional about this. I know there are others here who are type 1 along with one or more of their kids. Tell me if you’d like me to help you connect with them.

We are with you, my friend. I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Thanks Marie, we are good—but will certainly reach out atthe fist need—I appreciate the support…
Manny, missed you at CWD and know how busy you have been-----Keep on keeping on my friend.

Hello! Tom. I not sure if you remember ME! from Thursday night chat room.Sorry to hear about your second dx. Like Marie said there are many families with 2 or more. My brother was the first to be dx and me later on. Well I hope we can be back in touch again on this JOURNEY TO THE CURE! Take Care. And if you ever need to VENT! I am here for you let Me! know if you wanna chat. Niters diabeticidol94

Hi Tom,

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.