PRE ttc appointment, frustrations, etc. Thoughts?

Hi all, I have an appt in two weeks with a high risk OBGYN. It’s an appt PRIOR to ttc. I’m doing so b/c I don’t have much faith in the doctors in my area for many reasons/experiences, and there are no High risk here, so my Endo (several hours away) suggested that when pregnant (toes crossed) I will see the high risk in her city. I’ve been told my whole diabetic life, that I’ll have to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN for a preganacy, so in essence, this is what i’m doing. I’d like to talk the process through with her and hope that she will be on board to be the lead doctor in my care, and to guide the local OBGYN when I have to go in for tests, monitoring etc–I obviously can’t drive 3-4 hours for every appt! I’d prefer that they work under the specialists guidance. I’m wondering if anyone else went to such lengths? I hope I’m not crazy, but will feel better after having an initial appt, i think. Also, i read someone elses post here, and noticed when they called their high risk, the receptionist couldn’t understand why a Type I needed to be there. UGH. I despise calling doc’s offices (OB/eye specialist/etc, etc) and getting treated by the receptionist, like I’m a loon. HELLO!? a) unless you also have Type I, I’m sure i know more about it than you do, considering I deal with it every moment of every day of my life and b) I’m coming to see a DOCTOR of medicine, not you, so please, PLEASE just book my appt, without any opinion of your own :slight_smile: Thanks gals for your support! I appreciate having a place to post these types of feelings, and having y’all to share stuff with!

I went for pre-conception counseling to an OB who thought it was a little odd, but talked with me nonetheless. I was looking for an OB with pump and cgms experience. He retired a few months later, so by the time we were pregnant, I had to find another OB anyway. My endo gave me three names she trusted, I scheduled an appt with the one who called me back first, and I went for the first sonogram to her at 9wks. I saw the high risk OB she recommended in her building for a week 13 downs screening, and after that, alternated between the two. The OB wanted to see me on one schedule for measurements, blood pressure, weight, etc. and the high risk OB had another very specific schedule for sonograms and amniotic fluid checks and heart/brain measurements, etc. In all, I saw each about ten times during the pregnancy. I saw my endo every 5 weeks and my cde every 2-3 for insulin adjustments.

I also went for a preconception appointment with a high risk OB-GYN. But I think that the system is different here in Hungary and I think that they would have questioned me rather if I did not go! She did a pap smear and just asked about my general health.

I went with the high risk OB-GYN that my endo recommended. I have found that this has the benefit that the OB-GYN does not ask specifics about my blood sugars, but just asks if everything is OK and knows that she can trust that my endo is taking good care of all things diabetes. I have heard of other OB-GYNs freaking out about numbers over 120. I'm happy to only discuss the specifics with my endo who knows a lot more about diabetes.

Thanks Kristin! I would agree that having an OB-GYN that trusts your endo would be the ideal situation. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Thanks Melissa for the info. As always, super helpful!

i know i sound like a broken record but have u looked for a sweet success program?

Yep, unfortunately, none in my area and haven’t found one yet in Denver. Will ask the high risk/my endo in two weeks. Thanks! I would really be interested in that program!

I went to a high risk OBGYN recommended by my endo that has a diabetes and pregnancy clinic through the same medical center. luckily, i live in a big city so it’s not too far from me. the pre-conception appointment was really helpful, and they spent a lot of time answering my questions and giving an overview of what pregnancy in general, and pregnancy with type 1 diabetes would be like. they also talked to me about what i was doing with my endo to bring down my Ha1c, get on a pump & CGM, etc… It made me feel a lot better about knowing where i would go when i actually got pregnant. Now that i’m at 30 weeks i’ve had really positive results with them, send them my blood sugar logs 1-2/week and get insulin adjustments over the phone, plus all the regular pregnancy appointments…

Thanks AA. It’s nice to hear that the pre appt was helpful to you. Do you sent you BG logs to the Endo or the OBGYN? Just curious. Take care!