hi im 26 with type 2 diabetes. before i got pregnant i was steadily on the brink of controlling my diabetes then when i got pregnant my BS levels were out of whack. i was soo worried that something was gonna go wrong with the baby because a year ago me and my husband found out i was pregnant and didnt get any medical attention until my fourth month and i called for appts. telling them that i was a diabetic and all they said was it wasn't a problem (wont name the hospital or where ) and i was up to 16 weeks and had a miscarriage. Now, i'm more discouraged because i should be at least 7 weeks, but my US is showing that i am about 5 weeks and the drs. only see a yolk sac and fetal pole, but NO HEARTBEAT. i know things arent looking good, but im still holding out hope, but it's hard when you try to do things right and take your meds when you supposed to. I have an appt. next week and i fear they gonna tell me my next option is a d&c.

I’m sorry to hear about the situation. I’ve known a few people without D who had similar challenges having kids so it may not have anything to do with that, although that doesn’t make it any better.


Sorry for the worry. You might want to join the group Oh, Baby Lots of moms who understand for support & info to help you.