Pregnant Type 1 Diabetics - EKG before you started?

Did you get an EKG/cardiologist heart work up before you conceived? If you did not, are you getting one while you are/were pregnant?

I asked my primary care & my endo about this a year ago, when I met with them to talk about getting pregnant, and both said it was not necessary (I am assuming because I was in good shape and did not exhibit any symptoms of heart health issues). Yesterday, I asked my OB if my out-of-breath feelings I get a lot are normal for going on 7 months. He said it could be normal, but looked concerned when he asked if I had an EKG "recently" and I told him no. Given my age (39) and length of time with diabetes (27 yrs) I feel stupid that I did not advocate for more a year ago. So now they are sending me to a cardiologist for a work-up asap.

I am so frusterated right now with my doctors for not doing this last year, when I asked about it. iDid anyone else get pregnant with long term diabetes and not have their heart checked before hand? I don't want to have to go through a bunch of tests right now, being 7 months. As the OB said, "You don't want to be going into labor and getting chest pains ...." YIKES.

Hi Donna. No, it was never suggested to me…even when we found out we were expecting twins. A multiple pregnancy is much harder on the heart than a singleton pregnancy. I’ve had T1 for 29 years…I’m 32. My twins were born almost 3 months ago. (I also have a 2 year old). I was VERY out of breath (especially when carrying the twins) and I am typically a fit, active person. It was never suggested that I get an EKG. Both my high risk doc and my regular ob/gyn said it was from being pregnant and in my case, even more so, since I was carrying 2 babies around. I guess it’s better to be safe and know everything is okay but I definitely wouldn’t worry too much. Let us know how things turn out!

Hey Donna!
I am 32 years old and almost 16 weeks pregnant. I have had T1 for about 5 years. My high risk dr. suggested an EKG for me and my Endo thought it was weird considering but just thought he was being cautious. I did end up having one.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!! I feel better hearing this!

Thanks, Jamie. I am hoping that it’s just an EKG they want to do and nothing else. I don’t want to be riding a bike or running on a treadmill in this condition …just doing housework gets me winded :slight_smile:

I’m in the preconception rounds now and I have gone for many exams, but an EKG was not mentioned. Thanks for posting this though – I will ask my doctor!

I’m a T1D veteran of 20 years who just went through a pregnancy with a great medical team, but an EKG was never suggested to me.

Much relief hearing this from you, too, Melissa. I think my OB is being cautious and wants to be sure I am ready for the strain of labor. My placenta has moved (I had placenta previa) so it looks like I may be able to try a natural birth … let’s hope and see! :slight_smile:

I never had any EKG or heart tests during any of my 3 pregnancies, nor beforehand. Its total news to me. I wouldn’t think it would be necessary unless something came up which indicated a need.

good luck!

I had the EKG and an echocardiogram yesterday. I have a follow up with the cardiologist, but things looked good so far and I think it will be just fine. When they try to do an echo on you and you are 7 months pregnant, it’s kind of funny … one of the positions they need to check is below your breast area and apparently the size of my stomach got in the way … baby was kicking throughout the echo, too. I have a very active child inside of me! :slight_smile:

I had an EKG when I was pregnant. My high risk baby doctor requested that I have one just being cautious. I have no history of heart problems. It was not a stress test. They just hook up sensors that monitor your heart and it prints out for the doctor to read. I think I waited longer in the waiting room then it took to do the test. I was lying down the entire time.
Good Luck!

I have only been diagnosed with T1 for a few months at the age of 31. However with my first successful pregnancy I exhibited the shortness of breath at around 7 months and I only had borderline gestational diabetes. It was only because I was so much larger than I normally was. I think this is a typical symptom of pregnancy due to the extra weight. I hope that all is going well with your pregnancy.

Thank you! EKG and electrocardiogram results were good. I am sooo much bigger than I am ever used to, so I think you are right. :slight_smile: How many pregnancies have you had?

Hi Donna! I’m 31, type 1, and no complications, normal weight, good BP, etc. I saw a high-risk OB for prenatal counseling, and she suggested that I get an EKG just as a baseline, so that we’ll have something to compare pregnancy EKGs to, if needed.

Sounds like a good plan to me! Everything turned out okay with my EKG and my daughter was born healthy. She is now 5 weeks old and up all night, sleeps all day … but that is not diabetes related, that I know of! :0

How wonderful–congratulations!