Prenatal Vitamins

Hey Ladies,

I looking for information about prenatal vitamins. I’m not trying to get pregnant at this moment but we did have a ‘scare’ last month so I figured I would start taking prenatal vitamins just to be safe.

What did you take? Did you get a prescription for them or buy them over the counter?

Thanks so much!

I went to a pre-conception appointment and was prescribed prenatals. I am taking PR Natal 430 (combo) and also a separate 1mg folic acid pill. I have to take mine with food, as they upset my stomach otherwise.

Hope this helps! Planning ahead is important so you're getting a good head start :)

There are a lot of good ones out there. I don't really think it's necessary to get the prescription ones, but I suppose it depends on your doctor's recommendations. Also, if you generally do not get a lot of whole foods or nutrients in your diet, then maybe you might need a prescription pill. With my first pregnancy I took Rainbow Light Prenatal One (fairly cheap on Amazon). I actually kept taking that postpartum because of nursing. Then by the time I got pregnant with my second, I was still nursing, so I was taking my prenatals already. I am continuing to take that now in my second pregnancy. Hope that helps!