Prescription for infusion sets?

I have prescriptions for infusion sets and reservoirs, but I have no idea where I can fill them. Ive had some issues with the supplier I was using. Is mail order the only option to fill these prescriptions?

Mail order may be the only option. You may want to ask your local drug store or medical supply store if they can order them for you, but for insurance purposes, mail order may be the way to go monetarily wise. What supplier are you using?

I do mail order on my diabetic supplies. Because I mail order my insurance covers 100% of the cost. I would call around to see what companies use your insurance. I get my supplies on my door step within 48 hours from the time I call.

I have medco for my drug coverage and I get 3 months for the price of 2 if I use them so I use Medco’s Mail order pharmacy to get mine. Aggravating at times but cost effective.

Yea im gonna take a look around hopefully find somthing good.

It depends on if you live in a city with a distributor. Home Care Medical supplies those things in Milwaukee but they won’t service Medicare patients because Medicare won’t pay them more than $50!! Check out your local surroundings if you don’t want mail order.

I am covered under a foundation called Foundation Cares (through Medtronic). Depending on what kind of pump you have, you could get involved with the company’s financial program which may actually end up paying the whole bill.

Good luck.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Check out Homelink. They were very helpful

If you have a RX you can get them directly from the manufacture, such as Minimed from their online store.