Cost of pumps and cgms

I was approved to get the animas vibe with dexcom. The pump and infusion sets are very affordable but I am curious of the cost of the dexcom monthly. I know everyones insurance is different, but how much do you pay a month to have a pump and a cgm? Specifically a dexcom. Also. The medtronic with cgm, is it less expensive monthly? I currently have aetna, moving to bcbs in January. Its the $500 deductible plan for both. They said the pump would cost a little of $900 and a 90 day supply of infusion sets would be about $85.

@Dana925, since you’ll be using the Vibe pump as a CGM receiver/display, you’ll only have to pay for sensors and a transmitter. You’ve already noted how insurance can change the cost for each of us.

Here’s what my costs have been recently for sensors and transmitters:

12 sensors - Claim amount = $1542, insurance paid = $743, my out of pocket cost = $186

Transmitter - Claim amount = $823, insurance paid = $320, my out of pocket cost = $80

I can usually use my sensors for 14 days on average, so my $186 cost can be spread over 6 months = $31/month.

The transmitter life varies but it is waranteed for 6 months, so $80/6 = $13.30 per month.

So my situation costs out at $43/month for sensors and transmitters. Your insurance pays more than mine but my annual deductible is only $250.

It’s often desirable to stock up in December when your annual deductible has been met.

I haven’t bought a pump in a while. What usually happens for me is that the pump company submits a claim, for example of $7000, and the insurance company knocks that price down a bit, for example to $5500. Then I end up paying for 20% of that (after the annual deductible). In this example it would come to $1100. I just pulled those numbers out of thin air but they probably aren’t too far off.

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Thanks @Terry4! That’s not as bad as I expected. I am waiting to hear back from the dexcom rep in my area. And the animas pump is 7100, aetna only pays 4100 and my cost is a little over 900. So you were about dead on there!