Prime Issue / Bad Night

Ok tonight was not one of my better pod nights. I had to change my pod tonight so I started out just as normal as usual but when I got to the point where you fill the pod and listen for the two beeps things went down hill. First off I didnt get the two beeps I got the never ending screetching sound. Ok no big deal you just call Insulet and they replace it.

But THEN I went to get a new one started. Got the two beeps so things were looking good. However I finally made the mistake I'm always worried about. I took the cap off, removed the paper backing and placed the pod on my body. Before doing the priming step! I went ahead and inserted the needle and everything seemed to be going ok. So I called Insulet about the defective pod and the prime problem. As always they were very polite and listened to my story, replaced the one pod, but told me the prime problem wasnt possible. Something about the pod shouldnt be able to prime if it is already on your body. I told him everything appeared to be fine so far. He seems to think in the next 2 or 3 hours I should start to see a problem. Blood sugar should go up. But that wouldnt be anything new. Mine always goes up when I change a pod.

Last time I changed was the first time I havent gone too high. I took 2 units before taking the old pod off and after I got the new one on I set it to run a temp basal at +95% for 2 hours. I never had a dramatic drop that evening, that night or the next morning. That evening it did go up a little but not the upper 200's or 300's like it usually does. So I was happy with that. I was going to do the same thing tonight but I didnt expect to run into the problems that I've had so far. I think at this point I just have to keep a really close eye on it and dont panic.

Ok this is one of the times I have to admit D is a pain in the a**. I always say that D is a piece of cake, its the MS that I have that is a pain in the a**. But when stuff like this happens (and thank god it doesnt happen very ofter) I have to just shake my head and try to deal with it and admit its not always so easy.

Hopefully tonight it wont drop like a ton of bricks or sky rocket when I go to bed. Oh well I'm glad I have a CGM.

Yiup…Angelina…one of those nights! i think we’ve all had at least one of those. I’m sorry to hear about the additional probs you have over the big “D”…keep a stifff uppoer lip and remember, we are here as inspiration to others who feel THEY have a rough time! (ie folks who had a bad day at work, have a difficult marriage, etc.) Keep pushing along! WE ARE AN INSPIRATION, REMEMBER THAT!

sorry I misspelled your name, I have severe diabetic retinopathy and have a dfficult time seeing the computer! (whine whine whine)

Good luck, Anngelia.

We have primed on my daughter three times and everytime the pod has worked well - so hopefully you will have a good night.


Just had the prime on my body thing happen to me last night. I’ve done this 3 times so far. It’s such a breeze to change the pod out that I simply forgot.

I hate nights like that… when one thing doesnt go right and then there is a domino effect of unfortunatde events.
The other night, I changed a pod to a new spot (my thigh) and all was going smoothly UNTIL I forgot to lower my basal for some pretty intense trail running. Safe to say, I pretty much had a full 24 hours of low BG. My brain obviously wasn’t functioning, because I couldn’t figure out why exercise would keep me that low for that long… Great. I forgot to factor in that my new placement might have SERIOUSLY better absorbtion than my usual arms/back rotation!
The problem was solved when I ripped the pod off in the middle of the night, and when replacing it, made the same error ar you: slapped the pod on before I had primed it!
Mine worked just fine, though, so hopefully you don’t have any issues!

I have primed once or twice after sticking the pod to my body. The order of the steps was the same as normal:

  • Prime
  • Insert Canula

Everything worked fine.

Well it turned out to work just fine. I was low most of the night and for some strange reason my CGM didnt wake me. But even though I woke up with a bg of 35 everything turned out fine. Dont think I’ll do the prime after inserting thing again but if it does happen I wont just panic.