Probiotics for Diabetes?


Hello everyone,
I just wanted to know, is probiotics beneficial to those with diabetes? A friend of mine has diabetes and she was suggested to also take probiotic supplements aside from her medicines because it balanced the food intake. I was just curious if it’s true or even safe for a diabetic person. I have searched the internet but I was welcomed by bunch of results, I don’t know what to believe so I end up asking you guys here. I hope you could help me and my friend :slight_smile:


Since I got diagnosed I’ve been taking them, no problems to report.


I have had no problems either


While taking a probiotic can do no harm for most people, I tend to side with eating well instead of taking supplements. This article explains it and quotes one of the world’s leading celiac disease researchers and discover of Zonulin in the gut, Dr. Alessio Fasano, as saying we are “putting the cart before the horse”:

Consider probiotics and prebiotics from your diet (e.g. yogurt, fermented foods, onions, asparagus, etc.). Maybe get out in your yard and dig in the dirt. Wash your dishes by hand. All these things may impact your gut bionome and generations have tested them.

It is amazing how many probiotics are now on the market. It seems to be “all about the money”. Why am I so cynical? GI doctors were recommending probiotics to their celiac patients. Turns out over 1/2 of the brands were contaminated with gluten per a study of 22 probiotics at Columbia University. What else might be lurking in these and other supplements besides gluten?

I’ll get off my bandwagon now. :blush:


I started taking them daily, I have ibs thought this may help


I think probiotics can help but eating a variety of colorful vegetables each and every day is likely more potent for promoting a healthy gut. These veggies provide the fiber that fuels healthy gut bacteria. I do best when I’m consuming about three cups of vegetables every day. I also take probiotics.


Wow, I’ll surely read it and share with my friend. I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your advice, I will tell her and maybe I’ll do these as well. :grin: