Problem with FlexiLink Plus

I started a discussion in a different part of tudiabetes here and I really need any help or feedback.

I am using the Flexi-Link Plus and they are NOT working. I had used another kind for three years and then they quit making them and started sending these FlexiLink Plus infusion sets...and they are garbage, I haven't received insulin for almost a WEEK, the insulin is pooling at the top of the tube it's ridiculous. Then I tried some other infusion sets out of the same box and it wouldn't even attach to the site, wouldn't click. Soooo what is Roche Diagnostics doing about it? Nothing but sending me a new nice since I pay for my insulin supplies out of pocket and do not have insurance....but what I want to know is this happening to other people??? This is serious stuff! I can't believe how nonchalant they act when I call.