Problem with Roche Diagnostics

I have the Accuchek Spirit and I've been using it for going on three years or so. I have had the worst time with my pump this week after receiving a faulty box of infusion sets where the insulin was pooling at the top of the tube but not actually traveling to the actual site. I tried to change th infusion set and come to find out the new tubing in the infusion sets wouldn't even ATTACH to the site, it wouldn't click. I am so infuriated about this and of course I have had high readings all week, even having to call an ambulance. I called and spoke with Roche Diagnostics who just seemed flippant about which has only infuriated me more. I almost want to go back on Levemir and Humalog because I at least know I'm getting my insulin. Has anyone had any problems like this with a pump?

Have you tried the Spirit forums and or Rob Muller (accuchek online rep/csr)... Hes on TU here... Very good at getting things done/resolved when the phone people don't seem to get *it* .. Which type of set do you use? Also...have you tried the rep that sold you the pump? Sometimes they have alternate types of sets or samples they might be able to give you untill you find out whats wrong with that box of sets...

wow really?? That's the one I am using now the flexi link plus. Where is this forum if you don't mind me asking? for the Spirit Forum for the Accu Chek (general) Forum

Unfortunately I haven't heard any news about the new Flexilink Plus sets yet in the states .. Im still using Ultraflex sets and Inset 30s (isnt Luer Lock connectors grand.. *NOT* a Disetronic set)....

Funny you should post this today as I too had a problem arise with my infusion set. When I changed the Cannula today I experienced an almost immediate high which went up to 15.4/277mg . After pumping 5 units and testing 1 hour later my reading was 18.9mmol/340mg! Another 3 units and my reading an hour later was still 18.9mmol/340mg. I changed the Cannula again and within the hour I hypo'd at 3.8mmol/68mg! There is one Cannula left in that box and I can't see myself trusting it!!

I understand completely, mine has been running 400 - 500 steady and sometimes even HI (over 600) something has to give. I'm going back to shots...I'd rather have sporadic high and low readings then to feel like I'm drunk all the time,

It's the first time this has ever happened to me and I am willing to stick with it as hopefully it won't happen again. The benefits of using a pump far outweigh any problems that might occur as the pump keeps my bg's so much more stable than it was ie less hypo's during the day and more especially less night hypo's!! I have been in some sticky situations with the night hypo's due to not having any hypo awareness now.

Definitely get with Rob on this. The reps should never be flip with you. I have always received very good response from them, but I had to remind myself that they have to go through a certain procedure when assessing your problem in order to make sure they haven't missed something and/or give you bad advice. IOW, they sometimes may not seem as though the "get it" or exactly understand your problem.

FWIW (exactly nothing! Sorry!), I have always used the Tender IIs. Pretty old school, but they work nearly perfectly for me.

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I am on a Cozmo pump. I went to a diabetic expo and received some free samples of the Flex Link infusion sets. I tried them out and had the same problem. I used their old infusion sets with an inserter. I used 2 in a row just thinking it was me the first time. It was not me. I called up the company and they sent me a full box of the Flex Link Plus with a new inserter for free. I have not had the same problem with the new infusion sets. They informed me the next time that I have problems with their infusion sets they want me to save them and send them back to the company to get credit.

I would definitely try other companies infusion sets. You may even find out that you like them better because they are easier to use. Animas will let you try 2 infusion sets for free.


I am so sorry to hear of the trouble you're having. Thank you for your feedback and your patience as I work to get you some answers.

I am going to forward your thoughts on to the Spirit pump folks and I'll get back with you ASAP. In the meantime, feel free to send me an email directly anytime:

I may send you a direct message later if I need more info. Is that okay?

Again, I apologize for the trouble you've had. I'll be in touch soon.


Yes sir, you can send me a direct message anytime.

If you are not getting response from Roche, go up to the FDA incident reporting site and fill out the form.

FDA Incident Reporting