Problems with Medtronic?

I placed an order for new sensors on Dec. 14th. I didn’t hear anything, so I called on the 31st. They STILL had not gotten approval from my insurance company. I was told they dropped the ball in not calling the insurance company back the week after the order was placed as this is their normal policy. Ultimately, I could not get the sensors in for 2007, where I would have had 100% coverage!!! I told them I was not given a disclaimer by the person I spoke with stating they may not get it in for the year 2007. I asked to listen to the tape, but I was refused this. I even told the manager they would tell me what they wanted to tell me regardless of what was truly said! I even said to her I was told two weeks. I called in plenty of time. She then said, “Well, Christmas is in there too.” I told her that was one day, which still did not make a difference. She then said we don’t count weekends…after she just had said to me, “14 CALENDAR Days!” Calendar days and business days are two different things!

I am going to take this further. I was wondering though if anyone else had problems at the end of the year.

Thanks so much!!

I had the same problem , I ordered my sensors on Dec 18th they said it may not get done this year depending on my ins . Well My ins aprroved me to have the sensors untill March . They negotiated a price until then also so that should not have been a problem . I called back 2 times before the end of the year but they just said ahhh Im sorry and then i was told I wouldnt get them until the 11th or 16 th I cant remeber now of Jan …WHAT THE #$%! That is rediculous . They are not on back order and my ins will cover they already aproved it and I was told by my ins co and minimed I was set until march . So I was pissed enough to call back and cancell my sensor order . Im fed up with them and Im looking for a supplier to go though since there should be billing coded now . In My opinion they just didnt want to do the work to get are ins payments when they could bill us for the full amount . If I have to go a few weeks or so with out so be it . I started the sensor in July and only got in 2 refills on my sensors because of the length of time it took them to get me each refill .

It will be interesting to see if anyone else had this problem besides the two of us, Tracy.

I was also told they were inundated with orders as people who still do not need them are trying to get refills! Well, work with those of us that need them first and then go from there!! Don’t waste time on orders that do not need to be filled. I called them in plenty of time (Dec 14th). One person I spoke with told me they dropped the ball!!! Yet, even with that, they do not want to help me!

I will go as far as I need. In the meantime, I do not have sensors and can not afford the 1200.00 price tag!

Any suggestions???

HI Robin & Tracy. A lot people have written on tuDiabetes about this horrible backorder situation. I know people order early (like me now) just because they know about the backorder situation which adds to the problem, I guess.

I change out about once a week now. I have two left (one to use tomorrow) so I better get in line for these sensors…


It wasn’t so much being on backorder. It was more of they did not get the orders in to our insurance companies in enough time for the year of 2007. Therefore, we had to put it towards out deductibles…Right now though, I can not afford the 1200.00 they want up front!!! So, I am having to do without. I seem to be able to fell the lows coming a little more often than before, so that may be a good thing (That I can feel them…not that I am having them!). I am just having a lot of drops that when it drops, it drops fast!!

This is ridiculous! I can’t believe that you are going through this. All medical companies should know the importance of JANUARY 1 when our deductibles restart… and be sure all orders and processed, especially since you left so much time.

I would call and tell them that based on this bad experience you are planning on switching to a different CGMS unless they can find a way to compensate you. Best wishes!

well here we go again , As I said in my previous post I canceld my order when they wouldnt process it in Dec . So I placed my pump supply and test strip order with my mail order pharmacy the first of jan I prefer to pay them my deductable each year as they do not need it up front . so over a week ago I calll minimed to order the sensors again and I still have not heard back from them . It has been over 10 day s . There customer service with these sensors is awful !!! I guess if I was was paying full asking price they would ship them right out . My ins negotioated a deal and it is suppose to be aprroved until March . BUt here I am still waiting . I belive I will be looking for a new pump and CGMS when my warranty is up Im pretty much fed up .


Send me a personal email with your address, if you feel comfortable and I will reply back with mine. We need to get together and contact Medtronic. Just send me a message through this website.


Hey Kristin,

If this is for me, I have tried everything I know. They will do nothing for me. I don’t understand if people who called in AFTER me were able to get what they needed, why couldn’t I get the supplies that I needed? People were calling in who had plenty of sensors left, but wanted to get another order in before having to meet a new deductible…admittedly by Medtronic. Why not fill the orders for those that NEEDED the sensors first??? I was down to only a few. Oh well…I am not wearing the CGMS, and have felt a lot of lows…at least I am feeling them now.

I called minimed back today and ask where my sensors were and what was the problem ? This guy told me my ins was approved and he didnt know what the hold up was . I proceded to tell him my story of how I get jerked around every time I try to refill which is only 3 times since JUNE and he said a supervisor would call me back … well I got a call at my house while I was at work and they said my sensors would be here tomorrow . But no call from a supervisor . go figure !

I have had problems with Medtronic filling my orders, so this is what I did:

I found a local Medical goods store (they carry everything from gauze pads to electric wheelchairs). I asked them if they would accept what my Insurance would pay. After some haggling between the two, they agreed. They will only give me one month’s supply at a time (this might be the stores policy, not the insurance company’s), but they fill the scripts for my infusion sets, reservoirs, and Tegaderm patches and mail me the supplies (without me having to call).

I’m not sure if this is an option that will make life any easier for you, but after failing to get any results from Medtronic that is what I did (and I have had no problems since… 4 plus years now).

Sorry, if I can’t be more helpful. However, I do understand what you are going through.


Thanks Bill ,

That is what I do for my pump supplies but Focus can not bill for the sensors yet . You can bet as soon as they can I will be gettting them from them .