Problems with OmniPod adhesive

I’ve been using the OmniPod for over a year and recently have developed a problem with the adhesive on the pod. Just before I apply a new pod I clean my site with an alcohol wipe, let it dry and apply the pod. After a few hours my skin starts to itch under the pod and I just want to rip it off and scratch! Is there any product I can use to ‘prepare’ the skin that is better than an alcohol wipe? I don’t understand why I’ve developed this sensitivity now when it didn’t bother me a year ago.


My daughter has the same problem. She has been on the Pod since April and in probably October or so she got very itchy. We actually just tried Bendedryll Spray before putting the Pod on. Someone else on this site suggested it. I am really hoping it works. I feel so bad for her. She says she just wants to scratch her skin off. Her legs don’t seem as sensitive as her belly and back. She doesn’t like putting it on her arms very much at all because it hurts more taking it off. We also out tegaderm on her skin before putting the pod on. Still working on finding her solution. Good luck!

Renee - I didn’t know that a person could put tegaderm on their skin before putting the pod on. Are you using regular Tegaderm or the Tegaderm HP (which is the hypo-allergenic one)? I have a PICC line which was put in on 10-20-09 and covered with regular Tegaderm. It seemed alright at first, but I quickly developed intense itching under the Tegaderm and the nurses at the Ambulatory Center at the hospital switched to the Tegaderm HP. I ordered the Tegaderm HP online so I could have some on hand at home in case it became wet when I showered. I wonder if this would help your daughter? Tegaderm HP comes in several different sizes also.


I don’t know if I should be admitting this or not, but I found several years ago with my Minimed pump that the adhesive sticks better and irritates less if I apply the pod, or infusion set, before showering or cleaning the area…As long as we’re going for full disclosure here, I lick my finger after a test too :slight_smile: Good luck.

I use skin-prep to prepare the site. They started me on IV-Prep but it dried my skin out a lot. The pharmacy suggested I try skin-prep instead as it’s anti-allergenic and I like it much better!

Alcohol can have a drying effect on skin. I don’t use it. I prefer IV skin preps. Skin tac works really well, too, but I find that it leaves red marks on me afterward. There are a LOT of different preparation techniques that you might try - things like skin barriers that protect irritated skin from the adhesive.

My son is allergic to alcohol so we don’t do anything on the site now when we put the pod on. Prior to doing this we tried using skin tac but it also has alcohol in it and drove my son crazy. We also tried various barrier wipes with no luck (even ones that were alcohol free). His sites were so read, itchy, and rough. One doctor (who is also diabetic and pumps) said as long as you shower daily, you should be clean and not have to do anything special. Since we stopped using anything, his skin has improved dramatically.

Hi Mayumi - I will try that tegederm HP. It makes it easier to take the Pod off for my daughter. We have also tried hollister wipes, but those didn’t seem to work for her. Now I’m stuck with a few boxes. I think I will try to stop using alcohol but I am really hoping the benedryll spray works for the itching. We applied it first then the tegederm then the pod. I’m also afraid different things will sting. We’ll keep on trying until we find what works for her.


I have really sensitive skin when it comes to the adhesive. Before I put my pod on, I apply benedryl cream and then betadyne over the whole area. Then after that i use the IV prep wipe. It doesnt completely stop the itching but i have seen a VERY big difference. If it still itches while i have the pod on i use the benedryl spray over the exposed adhesive. When i take the pod off I use the benedryl cream again.

Ok…I must admit that I also lick my finger after a test too, except when I’m in public and others can observe me, then I use a paper napkin or a tissue.

Thanks Emily, I will get some of this benedryl cream. It makes sense because I know of other people who use this cream for itching from insect bites during warm weather months. Where can I buy IV prep wipes or skin prep wipes? I looked all over the two drugstores in my town and neither of them carry such products…all they carry is the darn alcohol wipes. I will also try Hilary’s suggestion of not using anything and see what happens then.

I appreciate everyone’s help.

I get my skin-prep (and before them the IV-prep) from my pharmacy. I know you can ask them to special order it. It will probably be faster and less expensive to just do an online search and buy your own online though.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have to pick up a prescription at my local pharmacy this morning, so I will ask them. What would I do w/o each of you :slight_smile:

I have stopped wearing the pod due to this problem…the area the pod covered became very dry and caused an infection at the site. I was sick for days and had to go to the doctor and have the bump lanced. Was full of infection. I tried several different solutions…preps, alcohol wipes and ended up with second infection bump. Was told by OmniPod to wear pod for only two days at a time. I was already doing this. It was getting expensive(I have no insurance) so am now back on injections. I wish you luck Mayumi and hope one of the suggestions works for you.

I read the following suggestion on another diabetes website. I tried it yesterday when I changed my pod and so far…I have little or no itching.

Before putting on your pod, rub the area with benedryl cream. After that, use the IV prep wipe. If it still itches while wearing the pod, spray the exposed adhesive with Benedryl spray.

I am glad to hear that others have the same problem I do. Unfortunately, I have tried EVERYTHING and still have problems. I love my Pod so much I just deal with it. I actually get something like a blister underneath. The itching sometimes drives me nuts, but as this is the only problem I have with the system, it sure beats the pump with tubing!

When I spoke with my CDE yesterday I mentioned my problem with the pod adhesive to him. His suggestion was to ‘lightly spray Benadryl’ on the site, let it dry thoroughly, place a Tegaderm HP or an IV3000 on the site first. Then put the pod on. I tried this last night as I accidentally knocked a pod completely off when I was going through the front door of my house and the wind tried to blow it shut. Anyway…so far today I haven’t had any itching. Maybe this would help you too Anna. I had to order my tegaderm HP online as none of our local pharmacies carried it.

look at medical supply stores, i get mine thru the company i get my pods from


Thanks for sharing your no-alcohol solution. I tried it out and the rash is gone. What a relief. I owe you.

I am so glad!! My son’s skin has been so much better from not using alcohol and we haven’t had any issues with it falling off or anything (since also giving up the skin tac which also has alcohol in it).