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I was diagnosed with Type 1 Christmas of 1983 with a bg of 1200 and comatose, I was 9. One of the first endos told me it wouldn’t be a good idea to have kids. In fact, they told my parents not to expect me to graduate high school. I probably wouldn’t make it. In my 20’s I was determined to prove them wrong. I got my first pump 19 years ago and followed that with 3 beautiful children.

I’ve been all over the board with my D care. Struggled with hypo unawareness as well as DKA.

I became active with TuDiabetes and the Diabetes Online Community 3 years ago when I wanted to share my story and help others with their struggle. I was looking for people that live with D every day just like me. You can find me in the chat room sharing recipes and helping anyone that needs it.

I am the proud mother of 3 kids and 2 dogs. I’m a die hard football fan and you can always find me on the sidelines cheering, LOUDLY.

I love to promote the Diabetes Hands Foundation and TuDiabetes and love being part of the Big Blue Test.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:


There are a lot of us here from the “class of 1983-1984.” In fact I was diagnosed just a few weeks after you in January, 1984. I remember eating all the sweets I wanted that Christmas and still losing weight! If it seems too good to be true …


great profile curly !!!

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Thanks, Sarah. We’re so thankful you are here!..

Hey hon. It’s Amy From Ottawa, D simce I was 1, lots of probs. You are an amazing, strong woman. We’ve chatted before. have the black Great Dane who wakes me when nI’m low. I’m having hand tendons cut regularly now, really su
cks. What can I do? You are inspiring and brave. Bravo for you!

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Indeed there are–what’s up with that? I’m another member of the class, dx’d in December 83 and rapidly closing in on year 32.

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Grrr! Just incredible that a doctor would say something like that in 1983. So glad you proved them wrong!

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My year was 1982 so maybe it was the early 80s epidemic!
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Good story, Curlysarah.


It is people like you in the diabetic online community who are true inspirations! It is such a pleasure knowing you.