So, I’m continuing on my quest to have perfect, predictable
numbers. ( I know this isn’t possible, but I keep trying anyway) I’m
continuing the no-bread-potatoe-rice, 120 gm carb/day thing, and I’ve
made another change.

I’ve shifted my meal schedule at work by 30 minutes for the last few
weeks. So I eat morning snack at 11, lunch at 1:30, and I skip
afternoon snack altogether as I’m eating when I get home at 4:30 anyway.

And now my numbers are amazingly stable. I still can’t predict where
they’ll be, but I’m running in a very very very tight range both
pre-prandial and post-prandial.

No more readings past my preferred limits, so all is great, right?
Except I’ve also, strangely enough, lost the -low- end of the scale
too. Now I’m type 2/prediabetic, so hypos aren’t a concern. I like having low end
readings, because then I can snack or have some extra carbs.

But I don’t get them anymore. All I can figure is my liver is now
constantly dumping sugar into my blood. It keeps me at about 5 (90) all
day long, and I never see meter readings under 4.5 anymore, and I used
to see numbers in the high 3’s. (65-70) now and then.

This is probably why I’m suddenly losing weight again - that sugar has to come from somewhere. But is it healthy?

hmm depends on “who” you listen to.
I know for a fact that Dr Joel Furhman is a firm believer of anything between 60 - 90 is great! He lives it as a vegetarian.
I know that when I follow his plan; I"m energetic and stay in those numbers. When I cheat… all heck breaks loose; like right now.