Unhappy Numbers & Pre Diabetic Guilt


I'm pre-diabetic, so staying in the normal range is tricky, but not impossible. I try very hard to stay between 4-6.5 (70-120).

I always feel bad complaining about my numbers to people with a lot more fluxuation than that.

Today my numbers are running a point ( or 18 us points) higher than usual, which for me is a big deviation.

I'm feeling grumbly because, hey - I didn't eat anything fatty or a lot of protien yesterday, so I have no idea where the sugar is coming from - and hungry because I'm reducing my carbs to try and combat the high levels - and guilty at the same time, because hey, a lot of people are struggling to get their sugars under 7 and I'm still in a really good range, so what right do I have to complain?