Well, it’s been some time since I’ve posted anything on here. So I guess I’ll update on what’s been going on with me lately.

I have been quite sick the past couple weeks. I’ve had a bout with pneumonia. It probably started a few weeks ago. Hubby had double pneumonia. I started out with some coughing and a little bit of congestion. Nothing too bad. Nothing I hadn’t dealt with numerous times in the past, on my own.

Then on Sunday, Nov. 16 is when it got worse. I had woken up in the middle of the night, coughing, and then I threw up. eW. I ended up coughing my fool head off all night, and that day, and then ended staying up ALL that night coughing, and taking little cat naps all through the night. About 6 am, Monday morn, I finally climbed into bed to try and get a little bit of sleep. Not much luck. Cough, cough, cough. Hack a lung.

About 8:30 am, hubby ordered me to get up, get dressed and informed me that he was taking me to the ER! Normally I would protest. I felt so horrible that I just went along with whatever he said! I figured I’d end up with a prescription for some cough medicine and some anti-biotics (which is all I wanted), and be on my way back home. But, the Lung Doctor had other plans! No going home for me, I was being admitted for a couple days, she said. I guess I was way sicker than I thought I was!

My blood pressure was quite low, at one time 80/43, but kept hovering about 88/55 or so. For the last couple years, I’ve actually had HIGH blood presssure! I’m still not taking my BP med, as my BP hasn’t risen above normal yet. My oxygen levels were quite low, at one time 80%, but hovered between 84% and 94%. They took chest X-Rays and said that I didn’t QUITE have pneumonia, but was as close as I could have it, without actually having it. I know I felt horrible.

They began poking and prodding me. There are issues with getting IV needles into my veins and even getting blood out of my viens. I can’t even tell you how many times I was poked just trying to get the IV needle in! I know two of my veins blew out on them, in the ER. They also had to get some arterial blood from me.Took them two or three different nurses, and I don’t know how many tries! This was NOT fun, not at all!!

The next day they took chest x-rays again. Same thing, but I apparently wasn’t getting any better. Later that day, they took a CT Scan of my lungs. And determined that I DO indeed have pneumonia. Early the next morning (like 3:30 am!!!) they came in, woke me up (yes, I was actually SLEEPING, and pretty well, I might add) to take ALL the blood out of my body. Well, really it was 5 vials, but it sure seemed like ALL of my blood. And boy did they have a hell of a time getting that blood out of me! I cried, it hurt SO bad!

Each evening I’d see two different Pulmonologists (Lung Docs), and they’d ask me questions about this and that, and tell me I was staying yet another day. I had informed them about my Valley Fever, and I think this is what prompted all the questioning. I told them how it affected me, with the fatique, the asthma, the allergies, that I get sick easier than most, and that it takes me much longer to get well, because of it. How the “normal cold” may last a “normal” person a week or so, but for me, it’s usually a 2 to 4 week recoup time.

My BP and my Oxygen levels weren’t really coming up any, and though they kept threatening to put me on oxygen, and even to the surprise of the Respritory Therapists, they didn’t! I still don’t know why, either! And by now, my Blood Sugar was OUT OF CONTROL!! For some reason they weren’t giving me my NPH. I’ve NO idea why!? I even RE-told them that I take NPH 20u AM and PM, and that I take 1u of R (or Novolog) for every 10g of carbs I take in. I reminded them that I don’t go chasing high BG’s, that I take my insulin BEFORE I eat, like a Type 1 does. Did they listen? NO! Would they let me take care of my own insulin needs (I had my insulin with me), NO! THIS pissed me off!

They’re glucose meters are retarted! WAY OFF!! I’d tested myself with MY meter, my Contour, yanno, one that’s PROVEN to be one of the most accurate (along with the OneTouch, and Freestyle brand meters), and it read 285 I called the nurse in, and didn’t say a word, just showed her my meter. Her eyes got big, and she ran and got THEIR meter. Tested me with it, and it showed 187. UGH!!! SO, how much R insulin do they give me? THREE FREAKIN UNITS! Um. HELLO McFLY, I needed SIX units!! They went by THEIR meter! That is when I went in the restroom, and took 3 more units of MY OWN insulin! So glad I had that with me!!

At one point, my BG showed on their meter as 219. Since I knew thier meter was way wrong, I tested with my meter …. 365!! Did they pay ANY attention to MY meter reading? NOPE! If I left my Diabetes care up to them, they’d have me in DKA and an A1c of 10 or more!! Sheeesh! I was getting steroid shots while in the hospital, and I think that had a lot to do with my BG’s being all out of whack. Well, that and just being sick. I still am taking steroids (pills - my last dose will be tomorrow). I’m still having irratic BG’s, mostly after I take that steriod pill, in the morning. But its MUCH better than when I was in the hospital!

They ended up keeping me in the hospital for four and a half days. I got to the hospital at 8:45 am on Monday and I was let out at 6:55 pm on Thursday. I am STILL bruised from one end of my body to the other! I had a total of 3 or 4 blown veins (I think it was, maybe more?), numerous rolly poly veins. It was awful! Awful, I tell you! If hadn’t complained so much about wanting to go home ( … to get some ACTUAL rest!!! You get NONE in the hospital! Every two hours they’re coming in to either give you something, or take something from you!!) also, the fact that they REALLY needed my bed (the hospital has been VERY croweded, lately) they may have kept me even longer! I’m SO glad they didn’t!

I am SO glad to be home. Even if I do still feel like crap! I’m still really weak, and quite fatiqued, and I’ve got a headache that won’t go away! But, at least I’m now at HOME!! YaY!

Also, I went to the Endo a few weeks ago. My A1c is still 6.4. Doesn’t make me too happy that it’s still there, I want my 5.9 back, but at least it wasn’t any higher than the last one. My BP was going high again, so doc raised my Lisinopril from 20mg to 40mg. Also my Cholesterol was still up (I forgot to ask the numbers on that one) so that med was changed from Lovastatin 40mg to Simvastatin 80mg. Everything else was good. Same-o, same-o with the insulin. If it needs adjusting, do so accordingly. He knows that I know how to make those adjustments on my own, with out thier help/input. ;0)

Wow I am so glad your getting better. So you know in the future I refuse to let anyone treat my diabetes. I will refuse treatment unless I am in DKA or a sever low. I have my insulin my meter and everything else. Many times they tell me they have to handle it and even a bit of a tude but I don’t care. It is your right as a patient so don’t let them tell you otherwise.

Be loved

Hi Melissa,

I can totally relate to the Insulin issues you had in the hospital. I remember being in the hospital for a non diabetic issue and having to tell the nurses over and over again my needs. They just follow what is on the chart. Like you I would just treat myself after they left. After a few days of arguments I was allowed to just monitor it myself “with their help”. They would just record it in my chart.

and YES, steroids will cause havoc with your BG. I was on prednisone and one of the side effects is increasing your BG.

Get Well and Take Care!!

Thank you Laura & Preta.

Indeed, I will, in the future, just deal with my Diabetes on my own! I’ll just let them “think” they’re in control! LOL It’s really not worth the argument! It was just frustrating. This is a hospital, they’re supposed to know how to deal with these types of things. And even if they don’t, um. HELLO, I live with it EVERY day, with WAY better control than they were giving me, so just let me deal with it on my own!! sheeeesh!

In the hospital I was on Solumetrol (I think that’s what it’s called and how it’s spelled) injections, and then the day I came home, they switched me to Prednisone pills, which has what I’ve been taking since being home. Tomorrow morning is my last dose of that stuff. Thankfully!

Thanks Debb! Yea, aren’t those rolly polly veins fun!? NOT! Right now I’m not feeling too well at all! It started up again last night. It feels like maybe it’s trying to go into my right lung now. :0( I’m just doing my nebulizer every 4 to 6 hours , hoping that will help clear the crap out! (sitting here doing that now - figured I’d check emails and such while I was sitting here! LOL) I SO don’t want to go back to the hospital!! But, if the pain on my right side, and/or the coughing gets too bad, I will, once again venture to the ER.