Protein in urine. 3+ for years

Help. Anyone have protein in urine?

Do you have a positive microalbumin test? What doe your doctor say? I have had a few positive microalbumin tests.

I just had a positive microalbumin urine test. My doctor says a 2 is high, and I have a reading of 5. Looking online, I can find no scale of this sort, and I have been to at least a couple dozen sites, and reformulated the question at least a dozen ways. Everything I read online says 30 is high. So I don’t know what my 5 means. Does this scale he is using run from 0 - 10 and I am at the doorstep of dialysis? Or does it run from 0 - 100 and I have no reason to freak out. He did tell me my blood level of albumin was normal, and my a1c is just 6.0. That is no surprise. It is always between 5.7 and 6.0 for the past 6 years. A year ago my urine albumin reading was 5.5, but nobody told me that. I only found that out today.

I can’t find anyplace on this site that tells how to post a new question to the community, so I’m jumping in on this one. Anyone would think I don’t know how to conduct a simple internet search. But it seems to me as time goes on questions I could get the answers to in a matter of seconds are now simply unanswerable. Hopefully you know the answer regarding this albumin scale that apparently only my doctor uses. I’ve only had this doctor a year, since I moved. My previous doctor took diabetes seriously and I could get any answer or help just by asking. This guy, on the other hand, seems rather blase about it, and his answers are vague at best.

Hi @ArlisT - I encourage you to post about your kidney issues (I have problems too)

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