Pump Alarms

I have a question about something that just annoys me.

I have the Medtronic Paradigm 722 and when I set a temp basal for any length of time, it gives me the alarm vibration periodically. I’m just annoyed by it. I know I set the temp basal and the time, so why doesn’t it just leave me alone for the time and then alarm me when the time is up? I’m just curious if there is something that I have set that I don’t know about or a way to get it to stop.

On temp basal, it gives that alert at the top of the hour, every hour, until the temp basal is done. I find it annoying, too, but I’ve learned to ignore it. Changing the alert type from vibrate to short beep worked better for me - and also extends the battery life.

That’s what I said, Dave. I changed from vibrate to short beep and got more battery life out of my pump. Sorry for any confusion because of my sentence structure.

Thanks so much! At least I know why it’s doing it. I’ll try the short beep to see if that’s less annoying.

I actually like that feature with my Animas, it makes me feel like if Im out with friends and need that temp basal to be longer and it buzzed saying i had an hour left I can change it to give me 3 more hours. it’s an alarm to let you know how much longer you have on the temp basal.