I Hate the Temp Basal Feature!

I haven’t posted on here in a while, but I am tired of the BEEPING of the temp. basal. I love this feature but if only it didn’t beep. If I am in a classroom, I do not use this very important feature because it beeps twice at about a one minute interval. I really don’t care if it informs me that I already put a 30 minute setting on, because I am fully aware of this. I just wanted to put my thoughts on that out there. My number 1 suggestion to the Omnipod would be to have a 100% silent feature for the pods and PDM.

I love the temp basal, I use it almost everyday… Honestly, the beeping doesn’t really affect me that much. At my school, most people in my classes know I have a pump, and I test and everything in class so it’s not really an issue. All of my teachers don’t mind it, but I’ve had some classmates be rude about it…

Do you think turning the confidence alerts off would stop the beeping?

I have used it once…for example if you’re in your yoga class or something that requires more exertion, you can set it for the length of the class and possibly a while longer…then resume regular basal rates.

Every minute? Wow, that is too much especially if you can’t disable it! I would use temp basal all the time.

I used it when I go to the gym and just like gayce lou, I love it. It will be nice a silent mode too.

When I use the temp basal, it only beeps once or twice an hour. If your pods are beeping more than that I’d call Insulet and ask them about it.
Also, the new PDM is supposed to have a (silent) vibrate mode, so maybe they’ll also disable the beeps in the pods, too. I can tell you on June 2 when I get my new PDM :slight_smile:

Insulet categorizes the temp basal alert into a group called “confidence alerts” and it looks like you can either disable all confidence alerts or you must put up with the frequent beeping.


And why every min for Daniel but only 2x an hour for Eric???

The manual for the new PDM indicates vibrate mode will not be available for confidence alerts:

“Set a Vibration Alert
For certain reminders and alerts, you can choose vibration
instead of beeps or vibration followed by beeps, instead of only
beeps. If you set the vibration alert, the PDM will vibrate for:
• Blood Glucose reminders
• Missed Bolus reminders
•Custom Alerts
• “No active Pod” reminders”

Correction: the start or end of a temp basal rate is categorized with all other confidence alerts. The ongoing temp basal alert is categorized separately as a “reminder” alert and can be turned off separately:

"Reminder alerts: Pod beeps when a program is
Chapter 3, Understanding and Adjusting Basal
ter 4, Understanding and Delivering Bolus Dose
These include:
• Temporary basal in process
• Extended bolus in process
Choose On or Off. The default setting is On.

It doesn’t beep every minute! If I set it for 30 mins. then It beeps probably at min. 29 and then again one minute later for the end. It isn’t too bad, but it is kind of one of those things. People hear the one beep, and then the second beep is just kind of annoying. It shouldn’t affect anyone else I guess, but it bothers me. I’m just saying that I really don’t care about the beeps. The pod is my lifeline, but I know exactly what I am doing and I don’t forget that I put on a temp basal or suspend the insulin! That’s simply irresponsible :slight_smile:

Hopefully the new PDM will alleviate this for you. When I set the feature for Caleb, it beeps only once an hour. I wonder if I turned off something that removes the “minute before” beep. It’s interesting that this draws attention to you from others. If I have a temp basal on for Caleb and he goes to school, I worry that the teacher or someone else will freak out when it beeps so I always tell him not to worry it’s just the temp basal. No one ever notices it - it’s almost concerning to me that no one cares! But we are talking about a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds and the teacher is busy…

Ha, It is inaudible when more than one person is talking, but it always seems to have the audacity to beep right when there is an awkward silence :slight_smile:

Yes - there are no awkward silences in kindergarten! Fingers crossed new PDM changes that as we all seem to think. :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about the beeps!

Someone asked what it is used for, and we have heard replies mostly relating to exercize and reducing by a percentage the amount of basal given. We have used these on occassion as my son (3) goes low pretty fast after heavy excercize.

Has anyone ever used the “Extend” feature normally used (I guess) for fatty foods (pizza, etc)? I thought of a pretty clever way to use this for my son as school one day. They are always giving out treats (cakses, cookies etc.) at his pirvate school, and it drives me nuts! One day while dropping him off, we were told in advance that they would be having snacks. We were VERY new with the system, and at that time the nurse wasn’t comfortable wit hthe system, so my wife would go up to the school at lunchtime. A midday snack would increase the number of trips to school that day to 4! NOT GOOD!

What I did was set a bolus for the number of carbs in the snack item and put it on a 100% Extend for 2 hours (when he would be eating the snack. It worked like a charm. They checked his bg b4 the snack, it was within range and he received no bolus until the 2 hours was up and then got 100% of what he need for the snack.

Thank goodness our school nurse now know how to work it and calls us to cofirm everything. Much less driving!

What a lucky boy to have you for his Dad. I would never have thought of such a useful solution. I use the “Extend” feature each evening at supper. My CDE came up with that suggestion for me because it seemed like no matter what I did, my bg would go up about 2 hours after I ate in the evening and only at supper time.