hello guys, i'm new to this group.
i'm not on the pod yet, i'm on medtronic, but changing soon if everything goes well. i have a question, thats pretty weird, but it interests me. i was wondering if the pod beeps as well every hour if the temporal basal is on. cause the medronic pump does that and it really annoys me...
thanks for the answers!

On the new pods, this can be turned ON or OFF. It is a setting called "Program Reminders"...which beeps periodically when either a temp basal or an extended bolus is in process. The default is ON.... so if you want to turn it off, you will need to go to the settings page and change it.

ok, thanks for the reply, i'll see how it goes :)

my medtronic 522 never beeps

should it?

Mine beeps to tell me the temp basal has ended.

mine beeps every full hour if it is set on temp basal

thanks, that mine doesnt. weird medtronic, beep to tell you that its on, but not telling me that its ended... :)