Pump and magnetic jewelry clasp

My parents make jewelry and want to make a watch for me for Christmas. However, they use magnetic clasps. Will this conflict with the pump? I know I had to take the pump off when I got an MRI, but wasn’t sure about the strength of a magnet for jewelry. I want to let them know asap, so any quick thoughts would be helpful.

Hi Toni. Unfortunately I don’t know, but the manufacturer could probably tell you. I was wondering the same thing. My son will be getting a pump soon, and I’ve noticed that some of the cell-phone cases would work really well because they are hard-sided (no accidental button pushes). But many have magnetic clasps. We’re going to his doctor Monday to discuss pumps, I’m going to try to remember to ask about magnets.

In my pump manual, it said to keep the pump away from magnets. So I avoid pump cases with magnets!!

But I can’t imagine that the watch would be any problem. I guess that it is usually not that close to your pump and the magnet is not that strong. I don’t think that it should be a problem. I have magnet clasps on a few purses and they are definitely not strong enough to cause any problem.

Kristin / Toni: We went to my son’s endo today and I asked specifically about magnets and she said they should not be a problem. Different from what Kristin’s manual said. The good news is: Alden is getting a pump soon, yahoo!

I recall recently that someone out there with a pump had put it in a cellphone case with a magnetic flap on it and it did cause her basal rates to be recorded incorrectly in the memory of her pump. However, as long as your watch isn’t directly in contact with your pump, you shouldn’t have a problem. I’ll try and find the blogger who mentioned this…

Here’s the blog post: http://plasticpancreas.wordpress.com/2007/07/17/lucy-20/

Thanks for the link!