Pumps and magnets?

I am looking at a cell phone case to hold my pump but have heard that magnets hurt pumps. I have also heard that something like a magnetic closure case would be just fine so I was just wondering what side of the story is true?

I think it depends on the strength of the magnet. Any commercially available magnets (such as refrigerator magnets or those found in carrying cases, belts etc) won’t hurt the pump (although I have only asked about the pump I use which is MM and this might not be true for other brands). Basically don’t step into an ultra magnetized environment (the kind that would have warnings posted everywhere anyway) and you have nothing to worry about.

This info comes from my pump educator.

I usually have my cell phone and my pump on my waist band at the same time, I haven’t had any problems for several years now.

I don’t know, but I choose to avoid cases with any magnets as it is not worth the risk. I have a hard time believing that a small weak magnet could really have a strong effect, but… who knows?

Thanks everyone! Kristin, i actually just bought a non-magnetic cell phone case/pouch! I’ll have to do a picture of it…