Pump at the pool

So this will be my first summer with the Tandem T:slim x2 pump and im still a little confused on how to handle the whole “day at the pool” thing. Ive been reading up on it a little and found out that the pump isn’t waterproof (which is crazy to me because so many things are nowadays) and I don’t really see any specific cases for the pump to allow it to go in water… like a life proof/otterbox kind of case. Does anything like that exist? I did buy some of the waterproof bag things that are designed to keep your phone dry at the pool and beach but I don’t know how successful that is going to be. I know I can technically take my pump off for about an hour at a time but I am currently pregnant and would prefer to keep it on as much as possible. Also im not a huge “swimmer” but I do get hot easily and like to float around on a raft which is why im scared the pump is going to get wet.
Any ideas are appreciated because I am stumped!
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have an otter box for my Omnipod.
My biggest concern is at a public pool or beach - that it will get stolen.

Is T:slim a tubed pump?
If so, that is gonna be a bit of an issue. I would suggest taking some syringe insulin if you plan to remove your pump for more than an hour.

Do not try to bring a tubed pump into a water raft. I anticipate tragic results. Save yourself the tears. This idea is fraught with danger.

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It is not waterproof and is NOT meant to worn in water at all. When at the beach etc. swimming etc. which is pretty much never now, I take mine off. I would not risk it on a raft or anywhere you may fall in.

@ashleyx1356 How diabetics deal with pumps at the beach and/or around water is a personal sort of thing. My old Animas pump was waterproof, but I always disconnected and took if off before going in water. My current pump is not waterproof, and it is also removed before getting wet.

I have a CGM and can closely monitor my BG’s, so making up for any missed basal delivery is simple, just take a super small bolus before and after as required.

If I thought my pump could be stolen by taking it off at the beach, I’d likely consider injecting a longer acting basal insulin for beach days and I’d leave the pump at home. You could get an insulin pen to bolus with for these pump-free periods.

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If swimming will be a major part of your life this summer, I suggest that you consider the untethered regimen. You would take a long-acting Insulin for part of your basal so that you can safely disconnect from your pump and continue to have insulin coverage.

This is a blogpost I wrote a long time ago, but the info is still good. Some people use the untethered regimen all of the time and I have some of my Control when I use it.

I have used tubed pumps for 30 years and have just disconnected when I go in the water. When I am at a pool party, I let everyone know up front that I am not a candidate to be pushed into the pool due to very expensive equipment attached to me.
When at the beach, I just check my CGM before I disconnect take insulin if I might need it. Just reconnect when I get out of the water.
Some people just use a long acting insulin if they are spending the whole day at the beach.
I don’t usually spend all day at the beach, just an hour or two and go back whenever I want or need to.

This is what I love about Omnipod. It attaches without tubes and is water proof. I never take it off.

I used a bag for my pump when I took my daughter to a water park. It has a large sticky zone that somehow seals around the tubing. I sucked all the air out of the bag and sealed it. It did not leak at all. There were times when it was completely underwater for long periods. It came out totally dry.

That being said. I accidentally forgot to take off my tslim and stepped into a hot tub. I realized a min later, and it was fine.
I think they make it water resistance for mistakes like that but if you swim you will need something more.
I’ll post a link to the bags if I can find https://www.amazon.com/Aquapac-Radio-Microphone-Case-shown/dp/B0044M102M
This is sold as a microphone case but it has a pic of a pump.
The wire is pretty much the same as a tube. It worked great for me. I didn’t use the belt and I sucked out the air kept it in pocket of my board shorts

I have decided I can make one with a zip lock bag. Razor blade and 2 iv3000 tapes but I have not tried it yet.
So you cut a tiny notch for tubing in the zip lock plastic.
Then stick iv3000 on top and bottom of ziplock they lock the zip and stick the two sticky iv3000 together. I think it will work.