T-slim X2 got drowned and survived!

I had a Medtronic 523 as my first pump, so I have never let water get anywhere near it.
I kept this policy when I switched to my X2, but went canyoning for the first time and since I couldn’t take my phone I put my X2 and some sugar in a phone water pouch under my wet suit.

Apparently the seal didn’t do its job because halfway through I check my sugars only to see the entire pouch filled with water! (Good thing I didn’t bring my phone!)

Was very relieved that my t-slim worked fine the whole time (it’s been 3 days since the drowning ;))


Good to know! Tandems are supposed to tolerate accidental immersion up to a certain spec, but like you I started on Medtronic, and I had one of them crap out on me due to water exposure. So I’ve been super leery about that with my (new) Tandem. Glad to have someone else do the wet-test for me! :wink:


I got distracted while on vacation and forgot to take my pump off before going for a swim in the Caribbean Sea. So glad it was an old, spare one.