Pump Cases and Stashing

Just got my minimed revel insulin pump. Just wondering if there are any good protective cases out there. Since I’ll have this thing for 3-5 years, I want to keep it in good condition (I’m one of those anal people when it comes to my electronics; my iPhone is in a silicone case and had a screen protector). Do the pumps get damaged easily? Any way to protect them from drops and bumps?

Also, for women out there, what do you do with your pump when you’re wearing a dress? Any good fashion secrets for hiding a pump in a place that is both accessible and discrete? I am not using the remote, so would need to access my pump to bolus.


I’m on my second pump, so about eight years now. Other than the clip, I haven’t used any protective casing. Most of the time I clip it onto my bra, right in the center (I don’t wear low cut anything so it’s perfect). I have clipped it onto my waistband, most people think it’s a pager! Once I clipped it onto my bra but under my arm, or just past the bra strap on the back so I can still reach it.

I use Case Logic MP3 player cases for my pump and I love how it keeps it protected and insulated. Click herefor a blog post about it. The pictures are with my old Cozmo pump, but I use the same case for my Minimed 722 now.

For dresses, I usually where long biking shorts underneath and roll the pump up in one of the legs. But I generally try to wear skirts rather than dresses, as I find it more comfortable to clip the pump to the waistline of the skirt.

I’ve had my pump for over a year now and never felt the need to put it in a case. I occasionally bump into something with it but its been very durable, doesn’t have a scratch on it.

When I wear a dress I clip it to my bra strap - not the most discreet place when you need to bolus but I’m usually with people who understand.

It seems like down my bra is really the best place for it. But yeah, not exactly a discrete place to pull it out from when you need to bolus!!

Us smaller ladies don’t really have the bra option… :frowning:

I just wear it on my belt, and have a thigh thing for dresses.

I put it in the back pocket of my jeans buut have never put a protector on it. I’m guilty of the bra thing too. I wear skirts and just clip it to them instead of a dress.