Best way to wear a paradigm pump

Hey all,
i will be starting pumping in a week or 2. I’m using the 723 CGM to start, just to get used to it. i wore it w/ the belt clip today for the first time, and would’nt you know it I broke it! (got caught on the seat belt getting out of the car and it snapped in 2!! pump hit the pavement also). anyway how do you folks wear your pumps?? i was thinking i could just keep it in my front pocket, is that a problem at all, maybe kink the line? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

i usually wear it on my waistband, but will sometimes just slip it into my pocket or clip it into my pocket (so the backside of the clip is sticking out, pump in pocket). When you have the tubing attached, it won’t fall and hit the ground - it’ll fall and stop when it reaches the end of the tubing. You will eventually learn to work around it - i’ve been on a pump for 5.5 years, and it’s second nature to me to dodge doorknobs and move the pump when it is uncomfortable.

oh, and whne i’m driving, i’ll usually put it on the seat between my legs (if the site is on my left) or stick it in the cupholder (when it’s on the right)

I put it on my belt when I choose to but normally it goes in my pocket as I get better hold on it. I do not have problems with the tubing getting kinked or anything like that.

On my waistband , jeans , slacks , skirts and recently have modified a fav. dress from the late nineties …seamstress added a zipper in a seam so I can wear on my under slip /panties and bring the pump out, when needed …then I recall the day I wore this dress as a new pumper ( 2001 ) and velcroed ( sp ?) the thing to my upper leg through the snow to a fancy dinner …the pump kept on slipping …yet I was determined to make it work !..I am sure you will learn , dressing up with a pump :slight_smile:

I sewed a case made of lightweight neoprene and use it on my belt or running pack. The trick with the small MM clip is to never bend it up too high, because it will snap off.

To make a pattern use a piece of paper wrapped around the pump. The tricks are to sew in a window made of clear vinal and sew the seems and turn it inside out. Make sure you sew on the belt loop and window before sewing up the case inside out.

BTW, how is the new CGM and pump software in the 723 pump?

I wear mine on my waistband and it has been caught a few times, but I’ve only broken 2 holders in 11 years. There are a few holders to choose from, so maybe see whats around. There are people who make holders also, so MM isn’t the only source.

I’ve put it in my front pocket also after I’ve busted a clip and waited for a new one. It works pretty well. Never had an issue with kinks in the tubing.

I bet you could sell some of those!

I use the holster, not the clip. My clip also broke. I have read in various places, where people have complained about that darn clip breaking. Maybe it’s too thin?? Try the holster, I have mine just clipped to my belt, most people don’t even think twice about, looks like a cell or a pager.

I have a band type thing that I use sometimes if I’m exercising or something- or rock climbing especially. Otherwise I just clip it to my pocket or something. I find that it usually falls out if it’s in my pocket, but I haven’t tried that a lot. The clips are very breakable, it seems! I once sat in a large, pillowy chair that somehow managed to tear the clip and snap it while I was sitting… it was strange. The pump clips come in two forms (or they used to, at least). The one they give you with the pump seems to be a little bit more durable, or better for me at least, than the one they send you if you call and get a new one. If you liked the first one, definitely ask about it because they won’t give you a choice.

At night, I either leave it clipped on or I clip it to my bed (you can clip it to a rubber band on the bed or something). That usually works well unless you have cats- my cats chewed the tubing the first night I had mine! They really like the tubing :slight_smile:

Our Admin Kristin uses an MP3 player case - check out the pictures in her blog about it

I use something very similar. I think these maybe aren’t as discrete as on the belt. But, as more people wear mp3 and phone cases and fewer pagers are out there, they will blend in more. I really like this carabiner method better, not as ridged on the belt so doesn’t get caught on things or pinch when you sit wrong. you can buy carabiners like that at REI and attach them to any number of cases that fit. The round carabiners keep my case upright, whereas it can tilt over with the traditional oval 'biner. Not sure why/how but it works. You can also buy pump-specific cases that are the same concept.
My current case is a cheap thing my brother bougth from China that was supposed to be a “sport case” for my iPhone - but it’s too small for the iPhone (China quality control, I suspect). Perfect for the pump.

i’ve broken at least 2 of the holsters in the past 18 months i’ve had the minimed… and when i was on the CoZmo, i went through about 1 clip a year.

I have been pumping for 6 years now with the paradigm pump. I have always kept mine in my front pocket. Never been a problem. No kinks. Ive tried the clips and had the same problem with them breaking.

What about MP3 or camera cases with magnetic flaps?? Are they a problem because of the tiny amount of magnets in them? I have found some “roots” one that fit my MM perfectly, but am not sure about the magnetic clasps…

Hi. The diabetes belt from works very nicely at night; for me in the daytime as well. It is unisex. Spibelts were originally made for runners.

Here’s my current case
my iphone would never fit. The pump is snug, but completely sinks into the pocket and doesn’t stick out the way the phone does in the picture. I can also quick bolus right through the neoprene by listening to the beeps.

When you use the clip on the waistband or in a pocket turn it backwards with the pump facing in toward your skin. Also the Spibelt is fantastic.

Hey all, thanks for the feedback! I was thinking of my pocket, i just was not sure if it would work that way, i’m happy to hear that a lot of you have luck w/ that. I called medtronic today to get a new clip, just in case i decide to try it again, they are shipping it out today, and also they asked about the pump itself, and we discovered it now has a ‘rattle’… so they are shipping me a new one for tomorrow morning. I was really happy that they stepped up w/ no questions on sending a brand new one. of course i still feel kind of dumb breaking it before i actually ever used it to pump… 8)

Its Wally Mulgrave
I have had a pump for three and a half years and I wear mine in the top pocket of a shirt and I have no trouble wearing the pump the only time I have to be careful is if I bend over so that the pump does not fall out of my pocket but most of thee time it is safe.
Ihad trouble when I tried to use the pump on the belt and even when I go out of a night people do not notice the pump in my pocket on the shirt.
The only problem with this is that you have to make sure all your shirts have pockets in them

David uses the sports clip with the minimed. Tried a few others, including leather clip similar to what would hold a cell phone but has always gone back to the sports clip. He has gone through a few the past 2 years pumping. I think we just hit clip # six, but minimed will provide replacements free of charge during warranty period of 4 years.

The sports clip is smaller than the original rectangular clip (more bulky) that came with his pump.

Things to like. Clips easily on to boxers for night wear. Easily released if he wants to put pump in his pocket during the day. Holds well for daily activities including gym class, although he does remove his pump for hockey, soccer and basketball. More concerned about tubing getting in the way and pulling pump off for soccer and basketball than any worry about the clip and takes off for hockey as he not interested in pickup up bruises for heavy contact between body/pump.

PS as far as kinks go. Biggest problem with kinks in the beginning was trying to keep the tubing out-of-site. Always leave the tubing a little loose. David would wrap his up tightly and then stuff it under the waist of his pants and tighten his belt. So many “no delivery” alarms early on, until he learned to loosley circle the extra tubing against his body before thghtening his belt so that it will lie flat against his body without kinking.