Pump Crached last night around 9:30

My MM 722 crashed last night about 9:30. MM told me to disconnect but though I would stay hooked up and test every hour to make sure I would not do a nose dive with my BGs. Did great last night. After being on the phone with Medtronic for about 10 min.s had a new pump on the way and rec.ed it about 8:45 this morning I am up and running and things could not be better.

Hi Andy,
I have been wearing Minimed pumps for 24 years…you can’t beat the customer service! I’m so glad you did so well till you got the pump. When did you go on the pump? I see you were diagnosed in 1971…I was in 1970. I wen’t on the pump when I was pregnant in 1984… it was the “blue brick” it weighed 3 lbs. They sure have improved over the years!