Pump Decisions


We finally got the call for an assessment appointment for my husband to get a pump. He goes the 19th to be assessed. There is a two week practice run and then he is on a waiting list to actually get to start because there are so few people around here that are trained to help.

Now the decision is to be made on what type of pump to get. I have been asking questions on the CWD website and reading so much info. It is really down to Cosmo or Minimed. Whichever one we get we will want to be able to get David one to use as well in a couple years, so it needs to be kid and adult friendly.

So much to think about. Diabetes is on brain even more than usual. I can't sleep much thinking about it.

I just want him wearing one!!!!!


If my child was diabetic, I would go for the MM with CGM - even if you dont go with the CGM from the start, you would have the option since MM already has FDA approval for kids, so if you decide later, there would be no hurdles there.

Good luck and Happy Pumping.


Thanks. We are leaning that way, I think. They seem to have the best technology and by the time David would get on the pump, he will be done honeymooning and need more insulin. The ability to give .1 units is so much better than 1/2 a unit!