Pump has arrived!

It took a little longer than expected (I guess Medtronic sent it UPS 3-day, but I heard “UPS” and assumed “next day”). I am working and can’t actually pick up and look at/investigate/hug this device, but Mark tells me that it comes with an awful lot of paperwork and supplies. So it’s probably good that we have a month between its arrival and our training session–gives us time to read up. I am thrilled beyond belief–there was a time six or eight months ago when it seemed almost impossible that we’d ever see this day.

Dang, but there’s a lot of stuff that comes with a pump!

Like you say Elizabeth - there’s alot of stuff to go thru’ - but having that time to go over everything will make it better for you when your Diabetic Educator comes by for your training. Has anyone recommended the John Walsh book to you Pumping Insulin? That really helped me understand how to use mine - since I only had a visit once with a diabetic educator. I guess they figured I knew enough being a diabetic of 40 years - but a few extra visits would have been better - but I managed alright.

Had heard of the book but didn’t know how helpful it would be. I’ll buy it. We’ve got multiple visits pre-scheduled with our diabetes educator - two for the initial trial, then another two weeks later, then another four weeks after that, and continuing one per month until year’s end. So I feel that we’ll have plenty of support (and our educator is herself a pump user).

way to go elizabith =)
try reading jon walsh’s book pumping insulin