Pump insertion places

Hello All -
I have an animus pump but I'm having issues with the spots to insert them. I have an area on my stomach that is from Insulin shots so I cannot insert it in there so I use the sides of my stomach and keep switching back and forth with the Dexcom. However, what happens when these spots quit working? Both sides are sore and I'm having trouble with them and getting the insulin in there. I have no extra body fat and am worried I'm using these 2 spots too much. Ideas, anyone? Will the spots eventually really go bad so that I won't be able to use them at all?
Thanks for any help!

Do you have a regular site rotation pattern? It sounds like you are trying. I know some people use alternate sites for their pumps. I always use my abdomen for my pump and the back of my arms for the Dexcom. You can definitely use up areas if not careful.

I try to but only on the available areas on my stomach. My arms are really thin also. I guess I better try to put the Dexcom on my arm. A little nervous about doing that myself.

The Medtronics link below shows the infusion site insertion locations you might want to use.
Infusion Site Locations

I also use my hips, and buttox. There are some women in my support group that also use their thighs. I use the back of my arms for my CGM so that helps with site rotation.