Pump Options & Decision: T1D Child and Parent

Hello. Hoping to gather some advice regarding a pump for my child–age 11. Recently diagnosed T1 in November. She is on MDI now–Lantus and Apidra. She also uses a Dexcom G5. She has asked about a pump and we are looking at her options. I am also T1 and currently use the Omnipod system. Anyone have any recommendations? Looking for the best option for a child to use independently at school and after-school activities. Is it easier if we both have the same pump? Is it easier to have a pump that integrates with the Decom CGM or does it really matter (multiple PDMs)? Thanks much!

I think it would be easier if both you and your daughter had the same pump. You could share supplies and you would be very familiar with any technical challenges. I don’t think that integration of the pump and CGM offers any real advantages unless you highly value the ability to leave a CGM receiver at home, as is the case of the Dexcom CGM and its integration with the Animas Vibe and the t:Slim pump. I think having a separate and duplicate CGM display is preferable, but to each his own.

Unfortunately, the Vibe and the t:Slim are currently locked into the Dexcom G4 technology with no upgrade path available. They currently both use the G4, while Dexcom’s latest is the G5 with talk of the G6 out within a year. I prefer keeping the pump and CGM tech separate for now. Dexcom is upgrading its CGM tech rapidly (by D-tech’s comparable slow clock) and keeping the two separate will allow you to get the latest Dexcom technology at least once per year. Most pump’s have a 4-year warranty and thus upgrade cycle. Locking the pump and CGM together will not allow a tech CGM-upgrade once/year.

My daughter was diagnosed at age 11-1/2 and started pumping about 4 months later. All she’s ever used is the OmniPod. We both love it, so naturally, I highly recommend it. Like Terry4, only having to learn one pump is a definite positive. Plus, you already know how terrific the OmniPod system is…

Whatever pump your daughter ends up using, Happy Pumping!

i love my OmniPod, was thinking of a new pump, but my OmniPod won me over, & if you know how to, ues it already, then i will recommend it, hope you find, one for her,.

@Anita1 does your daughter have a preference so far? I contacted the pump companies so my daughter could see each one. She was 11 at the time.

There isn’t currently a pump that’s integrated with the Dexcom 5. I’m not 100% sure but have seen many rumors about the Dex 6 being in the works. Given the slow grind of FDA approval, it seems possible that the next generation of integrated pumps may leapfrog the Dex 5 entirely and go to the 6 but I don’t know for sure about that. I know people using many different systems, several friends have TSlim and Dex5 and like it.

I suspect that going with a family plan would have some advantages so you can support each other not to mention the size of your supply dump would be impressive! Although sometimes negotiating with 11 year olds can be challenging!

This may be true for some adults, but for an 11 year-old child there are likely to be distinct advantages from an integrated pump and receiver system. One less thing to carry about and one less thing to lose (something a child may be more prone to than an adult). This might also be an argument for using a tubed pump - it’s tethered and you can’t lose it or at least lose the PDM/receiver/iPhone).


Integration is not All That anymore now that Dexcom is Bluetooth enabled: what adolescent or pre-teen (who is not living in a third world country) doesn’t keep their cell phone (which is now also a Dexcom receiver of sorts) with them 24/7? (My daughter is physically incapable of peeing, bathing, or sleeping without her cell phone.) Plus, integrated pumps end up using an outdated CGM algorithm within relatively short order and these (as of this writing) are not able to be updated. As far as losing their PDM because it is not attached to them, kids are capable of losing anything and everything, even if said thing is attached to them. (Except, of course, for their cell phones because those never leave their hands.)


are sure, me & yours daughter are not, the same, person,lol. i can’t do anything, with-out my phone,.