Hi - need advice pump and Dexcom g6?

Hey all
I’m new, been type 1 for 30 years; always had a Medtronic pump - and have been using the DEXCOM cgms for two years now - absolutely changed my life - and have been reading here of the 670g medtronic pump and how badly the enlite sensors still are, which I had similar dreadful experience with when they first came out.
SO. WONDERING. What pump do people on Dexcom use and LOVE? I wish Dexcom would develop its own pump frankly.
I currently use a 530 Medtronic pump and a Dexcom g5 but awaiting the upgrade to G6 - it’s on its way

I currently use dexcom G4 with my medtronic 523 pump. I will consider T-Slim as my next pump, with dexcom integration.

There are many here with dexcom + omnipod.

I currently have an old Tandem after 20 years with MiniMed/Medtronic. This one doesn’t connect with my Dexcom but will be updating in a few months which will have the G6 connection and even better the low suspend feature. Not a true closed loop pump but getting close and the X2 is the one you can download new features as they become available. No more waiting for a pump to go out of warranty before getting a new one. There is so much new stuff happening out there. And you can even do this yourself if you can find the right pump to start “looping”.good luck with your choice!

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My daughter has the G5 and the Omnipod. We love both. Omnipods are great, especially for kids since they have no tube. We really don’t have any experience with anything else since we are only 4 months into T1D but after researching pumps and CGM’s we decided to go with Dexcom and Omnipod and are very happy with the results.

Yeah, apparently all the upgrades for the T slim x2 including the basal iq coming next month are easily downloaded - so one doesn’t need a new pump - much the same way an iphone upgrades with an easy download. I’m excited. One feature on my minimed that i have ALWAYS hated is how when you after a dual or square wave bolus, I have to rechoose the normal bolus after punching in my carb and insulin needs - I keep thinking I gave myself a bolus only to find it didn’t go through because I had it still on square or dual wave…