Pump Peelz/Expression Med/Gripgrips

I am sure most of you know about these but I wanted to post some links and compare each of them as we have used them all.


Express Med

Pump Peelz

The best Griffgrips are the ones with the least amount of design on them. The flowers have edges that tend to peel. The “cat” has a tail that peels off. We have had the best luck with the Apples and Heart design (which surrounds the Omnipod).

Expression Med stickers seem to last the longest but those eventually start to peel as well. We tried out some of the owls. They do not make them for the G6 but you can make the G5 stickers fit. They are also the easiest to apply as they have 3 sticker “tabs” on the back which prevents the sticker from sticking to itself.

Pump Peelz, no matter the design tend to curl after a few days. However the Peelz for the Omnipod are great and are reusable. We have about 20 of them and have used them all many times over. It is a more durable material than the others and they are heavy-weight.

We have enough designs now that our daughter picks the one she wants to use each time.

I am a huge fan of Pump Peelz. But I just use the stickers for my pump, transmitter and receiver. I buy them for whatever time of year it is. I am getting ready to retire my summer beach ones for Halloween ones. And in November I have my JDRF ones for diabetes month. Last year was dancing Santas. Hoping they have new ones for this holiday season.
I figure diabetes is hard enough, why not make it fun where you can.
I have never used their patches. They are a little much for me but would be great for kids! So glad to hear you are also trying to make it fun!