Byebye Pods

Bye Omnipod and Freestyle Test Strips,

Hello Medtronic and One Touch =].

Just started my MM522 today! im stoked!

You’ll love the Paradigm. May as well go the whole way and get the CGMS that goes with it- it is almost as life-changing as the pump itself.

I do use the Freestyle though. Definitely my favorite meter, and I’ve used just about all of them.

I love that TuDiabetes is on in the background!

Enjoy the new pump!

Yeah I was just thinking I might stay with Freestyle! I mean, I get 300 for a 15$ copay!.

and Haha I know I love tudiabetes it HAD to be my background picture =].

and Because I just had it with Insulet. I Wasted so much insulin, You HAD to have that bulky thing on you for 72 hours straight, I had horrible customer service!

I wonder what they could be adding to the x22 model. I would like some sort of super-bolus option for high-carb meals (for those that choose not to use Symlin). I’m surprised no pumps have that feature yet- it certainly is possible given the present state of the technology.

I was in a market research study for pumps last year and while they couldn’t divulge the manufacturer they were working for, I saw some extremely small working pump prototypes. A few of them looked impossibly small but they assured me it was a practical and working design. The size of the 722 has never been a big issue with me but I wouldn’t necessarily turn down something tiny either.

i just went to an introductory class last night for the minimed…i love it…technology is soo crazy. it amazes me…if only i had insurance to be able to afford one!! :frowning:

Love Minimed! They are supposed to come out with a wireless pump like the Omnipod some time in the future (won’t hold my breath) but they are working on it. Reliable, steady Minimed. :slight_smile:

Congrats! Are you liking it so far?

It has been over two months since I switched from Omnipod to MM. I have been very happy with the MM as well!

I did really like Freestyle, but my insurance doesn’t cover it like they do One Touch.

I recently upgraded to MM 522 from MM 512. I especially like the bolus wizard feature and how it can calculate dosage for meals or corrections down to the 10th of a unit.

congrats in your new pump! best of luck with it! we will miss you in the omnipod world =)

I also have the clear one, if you are vain like me, it matches everything!

Thank you guys! It is very exciting! and I love it already! haha =]. EXCEPT! I walked into a door yesterday and got a tiny scratch on the screen! =[, haha But w,e Just knowing the cannula is inside me 100% as to playing a guessing game with the automatic infusionset omnipod has not a forsure thing that it was inside me correctly. I feel alot more confident in this pump than with the Omnipod

I am so excited :D! thank you guys

congratulations and best luck with it!!

what color is thet.its hard to know without my eyeglasses!but it seems gray!!

i well have a pump soon,i think i will have the one that LOOKS white
dont you miss anything about the omnipod??

I keep my pump in a padded MP3 player case. Helps prevent scratches, but it’s not very fancy (i.e. I don’t work somewhere where I need to “dress up”.)

I have Shield cover for pump

I have zagg products for all my devices, my htc touch pro, all of our laptops and ipods - covered by a lifetime warranty

Okay sweet, im gonna look into all of those!

Does anyone use the CareLink?

I do

with the CGMS you get the usb uploader for free with the system. If not it is $59.99. If you have a good pump rep in your area sometimes they can get one for you.

Good luck Kenny! Please keep us updated on your new pump. I hope you finally found something that works for you:)


I view scratches on my pump the same way i view wrinkles on my face - battle scars, hard earned and signifying an active and interesting life.

Scratches on my iPhone - different story completely.


They had a cart in the mall where I work and they were selling them for 30.00 dollars each!Thanks for this link! Wonderful!